FAQs on Travel Insurance – Filipino’s Guide

If you are wondering if it’s beneficial to get a travel insurance, the answer would always be yes. Here are frequently asked questions on our travel insurance provider: What is the primary benefit of getting travel insurance? Travel insurance provides coverage for travel inconveniences. These inconveniences may include medical emergencies, loss of travel documents, delaysContinue reading “FAQs on Travel Insurance – Filipino’s Guide”

Travel Insurance on Loss Baggage

It’s frustrating when you arrived at your destination and knowing that you’ve lost your luggage. That’s even a worst experience, even for an experience traveler. This is why we recommend putting your important belongings in your hand carry and getting a travel insurance. Most often, a luggage can be found when reported in the airport.Continue reading “Travel Insurance on Loss Baggage”

Prohibited and Restricted Items in South Korea

Filipino travelers entering or leaving South Korea should be mindful of certain restricted items that are not to be carried into or out of the country. Any Philippine passport holders found carrying a prohibited or restricted item during the Customs’ Investigation is subject for penalties and or punishment in accordance with the Korean laws onContinue reading “Prohibited and Restricted Items in South Korea”

Arrivals Guide in South Korea For Filipinos

If you are a first time traveler to South Korea, it can be worrisome. We understand the overwhelming feeling. This is why we created this simple arrivals guide in South Korea for Filipinos. A hassle free arrival in Incheon International Airport or to any airport in South Korea is as easy as 2 steps. DocumentContinue reading “Arrivals Guide in South Korea For Filipinos”

Foreign Exchange Banks in Incheon International Airport

Here’s a detailed information for Philippine passport holders to guide them to easily convert their money into local currency at bank branches and money exchanges located within the Incheon International Airport. KEB Hana Bank – Incheon International Airport Branch Services provided: General banking, currency exchange, traveler’s checks, etc. Operating hoursPassenger Terminal 1 & 2: 09:00-16:00Continue reading “Foreign Exchange Banks in Incheon International Airport”