Terms and Conditions

Service Agreement for Visa Services

926A Travel and Tours


By availing our services, the Applicant acknowledges that he/she has carefully read and fully understands and agrees to all of the provisions of this Agreement and agrees on the following terms and conditions:

1. 926A Travel & Tours’ (926A T&T) scope of services is limited only to: Assessment of the required documents, Assistance on the details to be provided in the application form, Processing in the Embassies, Assistance in biometrics scheduling (if required), Consultation and Remitting of visa fee paid by the Applicant to the relevant Embassies.

2. Once the application form is completed, the full amount of visa application fee shall be paid. Only applications that are fully paid shall be processed within 7 business days (M-F).

3. All payments shall be deposited/transferred/settled to or through: Bank details of the 926A T&T, Bank details of Alecx Jherna Rumbaoa and or Cash / Credit Card basis in the office.

4. The Client entitles 926A T&T to give free consultation services in case of breach to services enlisted as alternative with consideration as like or the equivalent service excluding refund of processing and or consultancy.

5. Client shall submit complete documentary requirements based on the recommendation of 926A T&T. Only complete requirements shall be processed and, on some instances, 926A T&T may ask for additional documents depending on the requirements of the Embassies. Once visa processing begins, no documents may be pulled out.

6. The Applicant understands that personal information pertinent and necessary to visa application will be collected and that the Applicant is liable for any representation of himself or herself in the data provided to 926A T&T.

7. Submission of requirements may be done through: Duly designated courier of the visa applicant, Online (documents should be clear scanned copies), and or through By personal service to the office of 926A T&T. The Applicant understands that 926A T&T takes reasonable measures and steps to secure internet connections. However, if the details provided by the Applicant is over the internet, the provision of the information is at the Applicant’s own risk.

8. Additional charges may be required depending on the additional procedure required by the Embassies.

9. Application shall be done personally by the Applicant. Applicants who cannot personally apply may authorize any person on his/her behalf through a notarized special power of attorney (SPA). For corporate accounts, the authorized representative shall present a Secretary’s certificate from the Board of Directors of the corporation.

10. In some instances, Embassies may require biometrics and interviews. The applicant shall comply with these additional requirements. 926A T&T will only schedule on nearest available date for interview and or biometrics.

11. Processing time may vary depending on the time line and procedure of the Embassy, and not in the control of 926A T&T.

12. 926A T&T will not be liable in any respect or for any amount for loss or delay caused by events that are beyond its control, including but not limited to Acts of God, weather conditions, Acts of Public Enemies, strikes, civil commotions and other force majeure.

13. All transactions inside the office of 926A T&T are recorded through CCTV.

14. All the details provided by the Applicant, and are collected by 926A T&T will only be used for visa application purposes. Any pertinent information will be for verification of the Applicant’s identity, to provide services for the Applicant, to market our services to you, to improve our services, to collect any bill that you may owe 926A T&T, to respond to any communication including complaints, to protect 926A T&T, owner and employees’ their legal rights and interests including claims, and for other purposes authorized by the Applicant or the Act.

15. Only the staffs of 926A T&T have the access to the database to all pending visa application to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all documents of the Applicants. This is an accordance to the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

16. 926A T&T retain no copy of the documents submitted to the Embassies. Applicants are advised to make a copy of all their documents submitted to the Embassy.

17. Final approval of the visa application is the sole discretion of the Embassies. 926A T&T does not guarantee 100% assurance that the visa will be approved. Re-application of visa if denied shall be six (6) months from the date of the denial. Filing of appeal of the Embassy’s decision is not part of 926A T&T service. No refund shall be allowed for denied application.

18. 926A T&T’s role is only limited to the processing of the visa. Any reason for the denial of entry due to violation of immigration laws of any country by the Applicant, and lack of travel requirements by Applicant is its own responsibility. No refund shall be allowed.

19. 926A T&T seriously protects its name and reputation. Any online posting of baseless imputation shall be dealt with in the courts of law. If found guilty or liable, Applicant shall pay Fifty Thousand Pesos (PHP50,000.00) as liquidated damages and One Hundred Thousand Pesos (PHP100,000.00) as Attorney’s fee.

20. All cases, civil or criminal shall be filed in Makati courts ONLY and all disputes shall be enforced under the laws of the Philippines.

21. For the protection and safety of the employees of 926A T&T and its clients, video recording and taking pictures within the premises of 926A T&T are strictly prohibited.


Strictly by appointment basis only
LG19, Star Centrum Condominium, Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City


Any changes to the policy will be done through uploading an updated post in this website as well as printed copies in the office.

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