Travel Insurance on Loss Baggage

It’s frustrating when you arrived at your destination and knowing that you’ve lost your luggage. That’s even a worst experience, even for an experience traveler. This is why we recommend putting your important belongings in your hand carry and getting a travel insurance. Most often, a luggage can be found when reported in the airport.Continue reading “Travel Insurance on Loss Baggage”

Travel Insurance on Hospital Cash Allowance

Most travel insurance does not only cover for hospitalization expenses. The travel insurance may also cover your hospital cash allowance. So go for a travel insurance that does both. Should you have future or incoming travel, you need to get a travel insurance. Think about the food and refreshments that you would consume in aContinue reading “Travel Insurance on Hospital Cash Allowance”

Travel Insurance and Covid-19

Are you traveling internationally? Perhaps an OFW or an APOR or for business purposes? You need a travel insurance. Here’s the coverage of our travel policy of our travel insurance for COVID-19. This travel insurance covers domestic travel and international travel for Philippine passport holders (Filipinos). 1. Travel Assistance Benefit – Clients may access and avail Travel AssistanceContinue reading “Travel Insurance and Covid-19”

Things To Remember When Applying UK Tourist Visa – A Filipino’s Guide

Here are 12 things to remember when applying for a UK Tourist Visa/ UK Standard Visitor Visa using your valid Philippine Passport. These tips are applicable for both first time and frequent travelers. Standard Visitor Visa is used – for leisure purposes (holiday or vacation), for business purposes (taking part of a creative and orContinue reading “Things To Remember When Applying UK Tourist Visa – A Filipino’s Guide”

How To Apply UK Tourist Visa – Guide for Filipinos

Do you want to pose by the Buckingham Palace and British Museum in London? Or perhaps have a glimpse of the industrial past of United Kingdom in Manchester? And do you already have your valid Philippine passport? If the answer to every question is a yes, you need to apply for a UK Tourist Visa. ButContinue reading “How To Apply UK Tourist Visa – Guide for Filipinos”