Sample Multiple Entry Spain Tourist Visa

If you are planning to go to Europe, we recommend visiting a country that is part of Schengen. Why? It is easier and less complicated to process the visa… and most likely, a travel agency like us can assist you. And if that country is not part of Schengen, then, you have to go directlyContinue reading “Sample Multiple Entry Spain Tourist Visa”

Generous Embassy Canada Tourist Visa for Filipinos

In all honesty, considering our experience, we have noticed that the Canadian Embassy in Manila is one of the most generous embassies when it comes to visa application. May it be Canada Visit Visa / Canada Tourist Visa, if you are qualified and approved, you will most likely receive a multiple entry with a maximumContinue reading “Generous Embassy Canada Tourist Visa for Filipinos”

Flight Reservation For Visa Application

As part of the primary requirements for visa application is having airline tickets, and being able to submit a flight ticket shows that you are firm on traveling as well as on returning to your home country. This will also be helpful with your visa application. This is why when you apply for a touristContinue reading “Flight Reservation For Visa Application”