Is Dummy Ticket Illegal?

Let a legitimate travel agency provide you a detailed explanation what makes a Dummy Ticket or a Flight Reservation illegal and legal. But foremost, Dummy Ticket is a flight reservation of a round trip airline ticket from and to your home country; the legality depends on its use. It is a document provided by airline websites and by a travel agency.

Free Dummy Ticket For Tourist Visa

Here’s how you can get and hold flight tickets for free when applying for a Tourist Visa. There is one way to airline reservation for free and another way to get legitimate flight itinerary at reasonable rates suited for your tourist visa application. Foremost, you can get a free dummy ticket unless you book directlyContinue reading “Free Dummy Ticket For Tourist Visa”

Advantages of Residency in the Philippines

If you are a Foreigner and you are married to a Filipino Citizen, or perhaps still planning to… then you might want to consider staying the Philippines for good by applying your 13A Visa with us. The 13(A) Non Quota Immigrant Visa allows you to stay in the Philippines for 1 year (probationary) or longerContinue reading “Advantages of Residency in the Philippines”