Filing a 13A Visa Temporary to Permanent Residence

If you are a Foreign national married to a Filipino national, you may acquire residency in the Philippines by getting a 13A Visa. In order to obtain the 13a Non Quota Visa, the Foreign national and the petitioner must be eligible. If you are wondering how and where to get a 13a visa, through theContinue reading “Filing a 13A Visa Temporary to Permanent Residence”

No ITR – How To Get A Tourist Visa Without Income Tax Return

Foremost, an Income Tax Return (ITR) is a yearly tax manually or electronically applied by earning individuals and enterprises in the country. Here in the Philippines, it is filed on or before 15th of April. Thereby, if you are an employee or a business entity, by law, must be responsible on filing of ITR. OnContinue reading “No ITR – How To Get A Tourist Visa Without Income Tax Return”

Is ITR mandatory for Tourist Visa?

When applying for a tourist visa, you may be asked to be provide an Income Tax Return or an ITR. It is a standard document for most embassies. However, in some instances, it is not required.

Tourist Visa Consultation Philippines

If you are a Philippine Passport Holder planning to get US, UK, Schengen, South Korea, Japan, Dubai, China, Canada and Australia Tourist Visa, you may want to consult with us. We are a travel and visa agency in Manila, Philippines.

How Much Show Money Do I Need For Canada Tourist Visa?

There is no specific figure on how much show money in your bank account is needed when applying for a Canada Tourist Visa. This is because money is not the only factor of being eligible for a visitor visa. However, your bank requirements, assets or proof of funds must be justified and from a legal source. If you are a Philippine passport holder, let us imply you some requirements to consider.