Single or Multiply Entry? First Time To Visit Korea

Are you a Filipino and wanting to visit Korea for the first time? While it can be tempting to request a two weeks leave to your employer or perhaps a month stay with your Korea Visa Application, 926 Asia Travel and Tours recommend the opposite. Here’s simply why… If you are a first time touristContinue reading “Single or Multiply Entry? First Time To Visit Korea”

List of Visa-Free Countries for Filipinos 2020

Visa-Free Destinations for Philippine Passport Holders Currently the Philippines is ranked 74th our of 199 countries, Filipinos can still visit several countries without the need for Tourist Visa. So if you would want to travel soon, better continue reading and tick off some in your bucket list! Countrues marked with (**) will be issued anContinue reading “List of Visa-Free Countries for Filipinos 2020”

Common Reasons for Denied Schengen Tourist Visa – A Filipino’s Guide

Planning on applying for your Schengen Tourist Visa using your Philippine passport? Might as well read up and carefully recheck your application. There are 17 reasons why your Schengen Tourist Visa Application may be denied or refused. Here’s the list. Travel documents were false / forged / counterfeit / fake. Justification for the purpose andContinue reading “Common Reasons for Denied Schengen Tourist Visa – A Filipino’s Guide”

Avoid Offloading – A Guide To Filipinos

Let’s be straight to the point. To be offloaded, is a nightmare! Prepare, be ready and show are the three keywords. Here are 4 things to remember to avoid being offloaded: Prepare your travel documents Valid passport and Valid Identification Cards/ Documents The passport shall have at least six months’ validity beyond intended stay, unlessContinue reading “Avoid Offloading – A Guide To Filipinos”