Generous Embassy Canada Tourist Visa for Filipinos

In all honesty, considering our experience, we have noticed that the Canadian Embassy in Manila is one of the most generous embassies when it comes to visa application. May it be Canada Visit Visa / Canada Tourist Visa, if you are qualified and approved, you will most likely receive a multiple entry with a maximumContinue reading “Generous Embassy Canada Tourist Visa for Filipinos”

Tourist Visa Consultation Philippines

If you are a Philippine Passport Holder planning to get US, UK, Schengen, South Korea, Japan, Dubai, China, Canada and Australia Tourist Visa, you may want to consult with us. We are a travel and visa agency in Manila, Philippines.

How Much Show Money Do I Need For Canada Tourist Visa?

There is no specific figure on how much show money in your bank account is needed when applying for a Canada Tourist Visa. This is because money is not the only factor of being eligible for a visitor visa. However, your bank requirements, assets or proof of funds must be justified and from a legal source. If you are a Philippine passport holder, let us imply you some requirements to consider.

Sponsor My Filipino Friend To Canada

If you have a Filipino friend or a relative, that wants to visit and tour Canada, it can be helpful to have a sponsor. The sponsor shall vouch that he or she shall be financially responsible to the Canadian Tourist Visa applicant’s show money and itinerary. Let a visa agency in Manila, Philippines discuss you the requirements and qualifications on being a sponsor.