Countries Eligible For Permanent Residency In The Philippines

Are you married to a Filipino Citizen and wanting to stay in the Philippines for good? Then apply for a 13A Non Quota Immigrant Visa or the Permanent Resident Visa as widely known. The 13A visa is issued only to nationals of these countries: Algeria Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Belize Bolivia Botswana Bosnia & HerzegovinaContinue reading “Countries Eligible For Permanent Residency In The Philippines”

Eligibility for Permanent Resident Visa in the Philippines

Under the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, a Foreign Passport Holder is eligible and amenable to apply for a Permanent Residency in the Philippine only if he meets the following criteria indicated below. He contracted a valid marriage with a Philippine citizen. The marriage is recognized as valid under the Philippine laws. There is noContinue reading “Eligibility for Permanent Resident Visa in the Philippines”