Where To Get Visa Extension in the Philippines?

If you are a Foreign national currently in the Philippines and would want to extend their 9A Visa or tourist visa, you may apply directly to the Bureau of Immigration or let 926 Asia Travel and Tours assist you. In a nutshell, application to visa extension service is amenable for Foreign passport holders depending theContinue reading “Where To Get Visa Extension in the Philippines?”

Can a 13A Visa application denied?

Contrary to what other believe is that, 13A Visa application can be rejected and denied if not filed correctly.

Filing a 13A Visa Temporary to Permanent Residence

If you are a Foreign national married to a Filipino national, you may acquire residency in the Philippines by getting a 13A Visa. In order to obtain the 13a Non Quota Visa, the Foreign national and the petitioner must be eligible. If you are wondering how and where to get a 13a visa, through theContinue reading “Filing a 13A Visa Temporary to Permanent Residence”

Live in the Philippines With 13A Permanent Visa

If you are a Foreigner who wants to reside in the Philippines, we highly recommend getting a 13A Non-Quota Immigrant Visa or the Permanent Resident Visa. However, there’s a catch. This is a visa amenable to select Foreign nationals married to a Filipino citizen. Here are the 5 reasons why you need to apply forContinue reading “Live in the Philippines With 13A Permanent Visa”

Advantages of Residency in the Philippines

If you are a Foreigner and you are married to a Filipino Citizen, or perhaps still planning to… then you might want to consider staying the Philippines for good by applying your 13A Visa with us. The 13(A) Non Quota Immigrant Visa allows you to stay in the Philippines for 1 year (probationary) or longerContinue reading “Advantages of Residency in the Philippines”