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No ITR – How To Get A Tourist Visa Without Income Tax Return

Foremost, an Income Tax Return (ITR) is a yearly tax manually or electronically applied by earning individuals and enterprises in the country. Here in the Philippines, it is filed on or before 15th of April. Thereby, if you are an employee or a business entity, by law, must be responsible on filing of ITR. OnContinue reading “No ITR – How To Get A Tourist Visa Without Income Tax Return”

Filipino Traveling To Shenzhen, China

Philippine Passport Holders are eligible for a 5 day visa on arrival in Shenzhen, China. Also known as the Shenzhen 5-day VOA, Filipinos are eligible to visit the city, only if they have acquired a China Tourist Visa. The 5 day VOA for Filipinos is available at select ports only.

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