Sample Multiple Entry Spain Tourist Visa

If you are planning to go to Europe, we recommend visiting a country that is part of Schengen. Why? It is easier and less complicated to process the visa… and most likely, a travel agency like us can assist you. And if that country is not part of Schengen, then, you have to go directlyContinue reading “Sample Multiple Entry Spain Tourist Visa”

Is applying for US B2 Visa hard?

So you want to go to the US, right? Well, the first step is acquiring the US B1/B2 Visa – commonly known as US Tourist Visa. They say, this is the hardest visa to get. In our opinion, NOT REALLY… BUT you have to be prepared for your interview and you must take this seriouslyContinue reading “Is applying for US B2 Visa hard?”

Generous Embassy Canada Tourist Visa for Filipinos

In all honesty, considering our experience, we have noticed that the Canadian Embassy in Manila is one of the most generous embassies when it comes to visa application. May it be Canada Visit Visa / Canada Tourist Visa, if you are qualified and approved, you will most likely receive a multiple entry with a maximumContinue reading “Generous Embassy Canada Tourist Visa for Filipinos”

Australia 2022 for Filipino Travelers

Good news! Recently Australia announced that its borders will open to international tourists after 2 years of closure since March 2020. By this, we assume that Australia Tourist Visa or Australia Visit Visa applications will resume this week of February 2022. One rule applies is that the tourist, the Filipino, in this sense, must beContinue reading “Australia 2022 for Filipino Travelers”

Canada Travel Requirements 2022 for Filipinos

Going to Canada using your Philippine Passport? Yes, you can! But make sure you have a Canadian Tourist Visa / Canadian Visit Visa and we can help you out. The Canadian Embassy in Manila, in our knowledge, have not stopped processing the visa application for Filipino applicants from the Philippines since March 2020 of theContinue reading “Canada Travel Requirements 2022 for Filipinos”