Australian Tourist Visa

If you are planning to travel Australia, perhaps for leisure or for a business-related activity, make sure to process your Australian Tourist Visa. But the thing is, visa processing is time consuming and can be stressful for first time travelers.

To have a bigger chance on getting an approved Australia Visitor Visa, you may opt with a travel agency. 926 Asia Travel and Tours provides the most reasonably rated visa processing and visa assistance for Filipino(s).

  • This already includes the
  • – Visa Fee
  • – Visa Consultation
  • – Visa Processing
  • – FREE flight itinerary*

    Steps In Visa Processing

    • STEP 1: FREE Assessment

      Talk to our visa consultant so we can assess your chance of getting an Australian Tourist Visa.

    • STEP 2: Settle the DOWNPAYMENT

      No need to pay immediately in full. Settle PHP1,500 to begin visa consultation. Visa consultation includes checking of your requirements and evaluating your application forms.

    • STEP 3: PROCESSING of visa application

      When requirements are complete, and the remaining payment is settled, our team will submit the documents to the visa center.

    Primary Requirements for Australian Tourist Visa

    • Valid Philippine Passport & Photocopy of Passport’s Bio Page
    • Passport size in 2pcs white background
    • Previous Philippine Passport and Visa
    • Notarized Cover Letter (Please write your intent to travel.)
    • Application and Visa Forms (Will be provided after visa consultation.)
    • Original PSA Birth Certificate
    • Original PSA Marriage Certificate (If applicable)
    • Original Bank Certificate
    • Original Bank Statement of the Latest 3 months
    • Travel Insurance (Recommended but not required.)
    • Booking Certificate or Travel Itinerary
    • Flight Itinerary (FREE! We will provide if needed.)
    • If employee, original Signed Certificate of Employment
    • If employee, approved Leave of Absence or Authority To Leave
    • If employee, clear & colored photocopy of Company ID
    • If business owner, provide all business permits in clear colored copies
    • If professional, PRC Card or IBP Card (If applicable)
    • Income Tax Return – Form 2316 for individual, Form 1701/ 1702 for companies. (If no ITR, please consult with us.)
    • If minor, original copy of school certificate or enrollment form and photocopy of school ID

    Reminders In Applying For An Australian Tourist Visa

    • Additional requirements may be necessary at embassy’s discretion and the approval of visa will be depending on the consul.
    • Processing time for Australian Tourist Visa is from 3-6 weeks. However, each application is subjected to an individual assessment and processing times may vary.
    • The requirements may not be simply pulled or out once visa processing begins.
    • Minors traveling to Australia may require additional documents.
    • If you have a sponsor for your trip to Australia, we suggest consulting with us for further requirements.
    • The fees are non refundable and may change without prior notice.

    Talk to a visa consultant.

    926 Asia Travel and Tours provides Australian Tourist Visa processing for Filipinos since 2017.*

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