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Filipina Freelancer Traveling To Canada

Filipina Freelancer Traveling To Canada

Our travel company is always happy whenever our clients would get an approved Canada Tourist Visa. Congratulations to our client Ms. Arandez.

Anyone here who works online and the employer is outside of the Philippines? That’s the situation with Ms. Arandez. The dilemma that most freelancers face when applying for a tourist visa is that they do not have any income tax return (ITR). Additionally and speaking out of experience in visa application, a freelancer would also need ‘extra’ effort and proof to show that s/he shall not take any job opportunities while visiting the country that s/he have applied a visa for.

With our team, our goal is to help our clients get an approved visa. This is why we provide a well drafted letter of explanation and itinerary to back up the visa application. Fast forward, Ms. Arandez is now holding her Multiple Canada Visa.

Let our travel agency process your visa. Give us a call every M-F 10AM-5PM 0969-599-4898 or at 02-8255-1359. You may also set an appointment in our office. We are beside BIR and DTI, and a few minutes walk from RCBC Plaza.

Disclaimer: Only the respective consul / visa officer of the respective Embassies has the capacity to approve or refuse the visa application. 926A T&T does not process work visa nor offer job applications. Payments should only be made in the office or through banks of 926A T&T or through our finance Alecx Jherna Rumbaoa.

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