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Filipino Seaman granted with Schengen Tourist Visa

Filipino Seaman granted with Schengen Tourist Visa

Congratulations to our SEAFARER / SEAMAN client bound to Europe. We are happy to process your SCHENGEN TOURIST VISA.

Background about our client? He will be traveling to Finland to visit a cousin who was kind enough to invite and sponsor his vacation. While the visa applicant is just newly employed here in the Philippines and with a few travel history under a work visa (because he is a seaman), we were able to prove to the Embassy of Finland in the Philippines that his intention to travel to Europe was for tourism purposes. A travel agency like us ask a series of questions to help the Schengen Visa applicant so we can properly file the visa application. We are happy that he was granted a Schengen Visa. TOURIST VISA? 926 ASIA!

In need of visa assistance to Europe? We can process tourist visa, visit visa and business visa. Give us a call at 0969-599-4898 or at 02-8255-1359. You can also email us at info@926atravelandtours.com. Our office is in Makati City. You may also opt to fill out our online form.

Disclaimer: Only the respective consul / visa officer of the respective Embassies has the capacity to approve or refuse the visa application. 926A T&T does not process work visa nor offer job applications. Payments should only be made in the office or through banks of 926A T& T or through our finance Alecx Jherna Rumbaoa.

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