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Canada Visit Visa For a Filipino Religious Leader Member

Canada Visit Visa For a Filipino Religious Leader Member

Enjoy Canada! 🥳🙏 Pictured is our client who claimed her husband’s approved Canada Visit Visa – Multiple Entries.

Background about our visa applicant (not pictured) is a minister / pastor of a faith / religious group or section – whichever language best describes it. But did you know that not because a person is part of this kind of organization does allow them to automatically get an approved visa – especially Canada Tourist Visa. Why? Visa applicants that belong to such faith ministry will be most likely be questioned by the Embassy on their intention to travel to Canada.

Questions like – Are they really going to Canada on tourism purposes and not on work purposes like preaching? How about the finances? Will this visa applicant not work? Etc.

As their chosen travel agency, we have advised the visa applicant to provide some requirements that can be helpful to the application. This then, aided with their Canada Visa application because it showed their sincerity of traveling to Canada.

Consult your Canada Visitor Visa with us by calling us during work hours every M-F at 0969-599-4898 or at 02-8255-1359. Fill out our online form. You may also email us at info@926atravelandtours.com. Check our review online by proceeding to our Facebook Page.

Disclaimer: Only the respective consul / visa officer of the respective Embassies has the capacity to approve or refuse the visa application. 926A T&T does not process work visa nor offer job applications. Payments should only be made in the office or through banks of 926A T& T or through our finance Alecx Jherna Rumbaoa.

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