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Finally a Schengen Visit Visa After 4 Attempts

Finally a Schengen Visit Visa After 4 Attempts

Finally, a SCHENGEN VISIT VISA AFTER 4 TRIES! Our team is really happy for you, Ma’am Tiburcio! 🫶 Thank you for trusting our team wholeheartedly. Her previous tries (1st, and 2nd) were NOT with us – but with the final application, our team was able to help her get a Schengen Visa.

Background about our client? She is married to a Foreign National. But, this does not mean an easy Visit Visa application. While she is sponsored by her loving husband, and she has a travel history – she still needed to convince the Embassy for that she will not overstay nor work there. Our team felt the sincerity with Ma’am Tiburcio’s visa application. We wanted the Embassy to see that our client just wants to see her husband. We then drafted a cover letter showing her intention to travel and reasons to return, then provided her with a list additional requirements. This has surely helped our visa applicants.

Have you experienced Schengen Visa Refusals / Schengen Visa Denied Application? Consult with us and we will advise if your visa application is still workable – just show us your letter of refusal. Give us a call from M-F 10AM-5PM at 0969-599-4898 or at 02-8255-1359. You can email us at info@926atravelandtours.com. You can also try to fill out our online form or visit our Facebook Page for our reviews.

Disclaimer: Only the respective consul / visa officer of the respective Embassies has the capacity to approve or refuse the visa application. 926A T&T does not process work visa nor offer job applications. Payments should only be made in the office or through banks of 926A T& T or through our finance Alecx Jherna Rumbaoa.

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