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US Visa for Filipino Senior Citizen

US Visa for Filipino Senior Citizen

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Macalindong. They were granted 10 years Multiple Entries US B1B2 Visa. Pictured beside our dear client is Jess, our customer service who replies to your inquiries.

BEING A SENIOR IS AN ADVANTAGE. Why? In applying for a visa, one should have a strong reason to return to the Philippines. If you are already retired, you just want to spend your years traveling the world using your hard earned money! This is a hundred percent true, and this also means that you have no interest in working in their country. Remember, you will be traveling there using a US VISIT VISA / US TOURIST VISA and NOT a working visa.

Why do we have high approval rates? We provide transparent evaluation before visa application. This means, we give you the strengths and weaknesses of the application. In this way, you know your chance of getting a visa. Plus, we do not do sales talk. Our clients trust us because we are honest and that is what matters.

Allow us to assist you only on our work hours by calling us at 0969-599-4898 or at 02-8255-1359. Our office is in Makati City, Philippines. We are a trusted travel agency since 2018. You can also fill out our online form here. To see more of our client reviews, head over to our Facebook Page.

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