Is applying for US B2 Visa hard?

So you want to go to the US, right? Well, the first step is acquiring the US B1/B2 Visa – commonly known as US Tourist Visa.

They say, this is the hardest visa to get. In our opinion, NOT REALLY… BUT you have to be prepared for your interview and you must take this seriously as the visa fee is hefty and non refundable. Unless you have the money, your choice!

We have been assisting visa applicants for years now and those who have failed on their DIY or first try (not with us) usually failed because they think that having a sponsor or the money are sufficient. Having the funds or show money does not guarantee visa!

There are guidelines to consider in getting an approved visa just like our client’s passport attached in this post. Don’t worry! We covered important details as we value confidentiality and security.

In applying a tourist visa or visit visa, we understand that the money you will be paying us is from hard work. This is why we offer free evaluation before we accept any payment. We value your money, we value our time.

In this way, you will know your application’s weakness and what to expect. Email our team at for assistance or visit our travel agency by appointment basis in Makati City, Philippines.

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