Generous Embassy Canada Tourist Visa for Filipinos

In all honesty, considering our experience, we have noticed that the Canadian Embassy in Manila is one of the most generous embassies when it comes to visa application. May it be Canada Visit Visa / Canada Tourist Visa, if you are qualified and approved, you will most likely receive a multiple entry with a maximum of 10 year validity.

Though this is not guarantee, the period of visa validity if quite lengthy compared to other countries. This is why some Filipino tourists, and even Foreign nationals based in the Philippines prefer Canada as their top tourist destination in the west.

With our visa assistance, we provide honest evaluation for your visa application. We do not sugarcoat. We do not also accept visa applications if we know that you have low chances of getting a visa. We value your money, and we value our time. We assess through our experience, though the consul is the only person to approve the visa application.

For visa assistance, email us at or visit us by appointment basis only. Our travel agency is in Makati City, Philippines.

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