Canada Travel Requirements 2022 for Filipinos

Going to Canada using your Philippine Passport? Yes, you can! But make sure you have a Canadian Tourist Visa / Canadian Visit Visa and we can help you out.

The Canadian Embassy in Manila, in our knowledge, have not stopped processing the visa application for Filipino applicants from the Philippines since March 2020 of the pandemic but processing times can be indefinite. We suggest processing in advance. If approved, your visa is valid for years and not months, so it is still amenable.

Generally, almost all vaccines provided to the Philippines or Filipinos are accepted, may it be Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson or Sinovac.
Just a heads up that there can be an actual swab testing upon arrival. Select Fully vaccinated travelers must undergo quarantine in a suitable place until they receive a negative test result (randomized arrival testing).

Note that once the application is processed, the travel agency has no control on processing times. In our experience, some are approved in 2 weeks, some in a month. It depends on the embassy.

Travel requirements to Canada may change without prior notice so it is best to call your airlines before boarding.

Make sure to send us an email at for visa assistance or visa consultation. We do not charge on visa evaluation so nothing to worry! You may visit our travel agency office in Makati City, Philippines currently by appointment basis.

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