Visit Visa From Philippines To Dubai

Thinking of going to Dubai or UAE over the holidays from the Philippines? And you’ve done your research on how to get a visit visa or a tourist visa but its says, you need a sponsor? You don’t need to, we can help and assist you. The hard thing about having a sponsor is that you need to have an immediate relative in UAE to sponsor you or you need to go deal directly with a UAE based travel agency which can be expensive. And sometimes, other agencies would even ask for a cash bond, but we will not. Other times, some articles says you need to have bank certificate and bank statements.

We can process your Dubai Visit Visa within a week valid for 30 days or 60 days without a sponsor. We are a legitimate online travel agency but with office in Makati City, Philippines. We will also not ask you for a cash bond. Things are simple just like A-B and C.

The instructions are quite direct. Just send us the requirements, we will evaluate. Settle the payment so we can process. Let’s begin with the requirements.

Here are the requirements for a Dubai Visit Visa:

  • accomplished questionnaire which we can send you
  • a passport sized photo with white background taken in a studio
  • 2 x 2 photo with white background taken in a studio
  • clear and scanned copy of your passport, as well as
  • scanned and clear stamps on your passport for your travel history (if amenable)
  • scanned and clear copies of your previous visa (if amenable)

You may send us all the soft copies via email to just give us a call first at 09184880250. Then, settle the payment through our corporate bank accounts. You may also opt to visit us in our office in Makati City.

Our rates starts at PHP15,000 are all inclusive and we can process 30 days of visit visa to 60 days. Our rates already include the visa fee, service assistance, consultation and the travel or health insurance which is required to all travelers bound to United Arab of Emirates.

Please note that while we can process your Dubai Visit Visa or Dubai Tourist Visa without a sponsor, it is the consul or visa officer’s decision for the visa approval.

We specialize in visa processing since 2017.*

Got questions? You may head over to our online form. Our travel consultants will be happy to assist you.

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