Flight Reservation For Visa Application

As part of the primary requirements for visa application is having airline tickets, and being able to submit a flight ticket shows that you are firm on traveling as well as on returning to your home country. This will also be helpful with your visa application.

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This is why when you apply for a tourist visa, and as you search the internet for the requirements, you will be asked by your travel agent or travel agency for a copy of your airline tickets, but don’t worry… travel agencies like us can reserve your flight.

This means that when you apply for a tourist visa or even a business visa or whichever visa that you need, you don’t really need to buy immediately a round trip ticket. You must remember that even if you have complete requirements, and documents, you might still be denied if you have weak points in our application. Imagine paying an entire flight but you will just be rejected. You don’t want that, right?

TIP #1: It is not also advisable to reserve the flight directly on the website of the airlines, why? Visa processing takes days, and the website reservation is only valid for 24 hours. In short, it will no longer be a valid ticket.

In order to save money, and have the peace of mind, all you just need to do is ask the travel agency if they have a dummy ticket. But here’s the thing, dummy ticket does not mean a fake ticket.

TIP #2: Just an advice that please do not book with websites that you simply googled online. Some of the websites provide a fake ticket and might cause you having a rejected or denied visa application. Some of these notorious websites also provides non existing PNR codes, and not existing flights. Make sure to consult with a legitimate agent.

A dummy ticket is called ‘dummy’ because you don’t pay the entire price for the flight itinerary. However, because people abuse it, it can be sometimes a source of trouble. We do not encourage that. With a travel agency, we can provide a flight reservation for your visa application with a legitimate PNR code. If you are wondering what a PNR code means, it is – Passenger Name Record provided by an airline company. And because it has a PNR code, it is verifiable and authentic. Should you want to proceed with the roundtrip airline tickets, or just the return ticket, depending on your requests, you may do so by paying the entire fees to the travel agency.

Some of our clients’ passports for visa processing.

TIP #3: But, if you avail of our visa consultation and visa processing, you get a free flight itinerary. We can also draft your day to day itinerary. Now that is worry free! Consult with us online or visit our office in Makati City, Philippines. We can provide your flight itinerary within 3 days or 2 days before your visa application to make sure it is still valid.

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