Is ITR required for US Tourist Visa?

We often get this question of whether ITR or Income Tax Return is required in US visa application. Usually, people who ask us are OFWs, freelancers and first time travelers.

While an ITR is not required for your US Tourist Visa Application (Filipino applicants and select Foreign Nationals), you may be asked to provide financial and work documents. Your Income Tax Return would serve as your record. And in any case that you have a complicated situation, you are recommended to consult a trusted travel agency for your concern on your requirements.

However, there are cases that you are not eligible for an ITR. Read more on our article when you head here.

Advantages of an ITR for your US Tourist Visa Application

The problem here is not having an Income Tax Return. The real problem is when you do not have sufficient show money or funds for your travel.

  • The advantage of having an ITR is that you are able to justify that you can definitely afford to travel. In simple terms, you have a consistent source of income. In all honesty, traveling can be costly or expensive regardless of the tips and tricks on making it cheap or whatever article you found in the internet. The visa application alone can cost you hundreds of pesos, so make sure you find the right travel agency for you. We offer US Tourist Visa processing inclusive of free flight itinerary or hotel reservation as part of the primary requirements. You may contact us here or simply visit our office in Makati City.
  • Having an ITR means that you are a good Filipino citizen. To put this idea, you have work and you pay taxes. Not all, but some Filipinos would simply go to the United States for work and not for tourism purposes. While we cannot blame or put these people into shame because that is not the right thing to do, this would not be helpful if you are applying for a US tourist visa instead of a working visa.
  • If you have filed an ITR, your identity is not questionable. Let’s put it to this way… Because you have provided a good employment status, and you have justified your funds, this means that *everything* you do is all in the legal process and aspect.

One Thing That US Tourist Visa Applicants Forget…

All US Tourist Visa applicants must remember that the result of the visa application process is provided after your interview. You must be well prepared and presentable. Don’t put your hard earned money into waste. We can help with your US Tourist Visa requirements as well as your practice / mock interview for the embassy. Let our team assist you when you email us at or by filling out our online form. We are a travel agency in Makati City, Philippines.

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