How to bring my Filipino girlfriend to the US from the Philippines?

This is probably the most common thing we receive from our American friends. We usually have inquiries on the fastest way to get their Filipina girlfriend to the United States and we understand why. May it be a matter of seeing the woman for the first time, or maybe trying to build the relationship. It all begins with the proper application of the right visa.

To briefly answer your question, you should consider getting a Fiancé(e) Visa. However, this visa is not recommend to a Filipina with poor travel history with little to no savings. This is not also suggested to Americans who have not yet seen the Filipina girlfriend personally. It is not even initially advisable to Americans with 10 year age gap or more. What we suggest is to get a US Tourist Visa first, then apply for the fiancé(e) K-1 nonimmigrant visa. Issues such as human trafficking and illegal labor can be bought up if not ruled by the book. K-1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows the Filipino to travel to the United States to marry her US Citizen sponsor within the 90 days of arrival. This is good to both parties, but there are several things to consider before applying for one. K-1 Visa is for couples who have the intention of marrying together.

Though it is not claimed directly by the US Embassy in the Philippines that travel history is required in acquiring a visa, with our experience, there is an apparent significance to it. Often times, people who apply for a tourist visa first before marrying their significant others are the ones easily granted with a K-1 Visa. This is as to speak in our opinion only.

We are gearing towards the fact that these people have already built their profile and have proven that they are good citizens by following international laws. In simple words, they have been a good tourist in the US, and have returned home in the Philippines with consideration on the validity of the US Tourist Visa. These Filipinas are honest to follow the guidelines set by the US government in immigration laws. This will add eligibility of your Filipino girlfriend before applying for a K-1 Visa or the Fiancé Visa. Note that a good job, a degree with enough savings can help your girlfriend’s application but is not a guarantee. The best move to make is to prepare for K-1 eligibility.

The K-1 Visa application is a complex process. It takes an average of 8 months with an additional 4-8 weeks from the chosen agency to send an interview request to the US Embassy. And because the application has a firm and strict eligibility, we recommend building your girlfriend’s profile first. US Tourist Visa application is usually within 1-2 weeks only depending on the load of the embassy but will have significant effect to your K-1 application.

Before proceeding with the US Tourist Visa application, please be reminded that your girlfriend should be the one directly applying for the B-2 Visa and not you. However, you can be included as your girlfriend’s sponsor. In case that you are unsure of the application you may opt with a travel agency like us. We can recheck all your girlfriend’s documents, and even provide a practice interview with her. This is to ensure that your partner is prepared for her interview in the US Embassy located along Roxas Boulevard. Our main goal is to find the discrepancies with her application and come up with possible solutions, if applicable.

Let us help you, reach us at We offer US Tourist Visa assistance for Filipinos. Our office is in Makati City, Philippines. 926 Asia provides reasonable fees for our visa applicants and we have over 90% approval rates.

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  1. Can a Filipina gf travel to US to visit and meet for first time? And how can that be done ? I’m new at this , thank you . I know about the tourist visa thing but I don’t know what goes along with that. I would be paying for her visa plane ticket ect,. Thank you

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