How to study in Russia from the Philippines

Being an international student in Russia has many advantages. According to Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), universities in Moscow, Russia offers world class education, diversity on its students, affordable tuition fees and great employer activity. This made Russia an international student friendly country. If you are a Filipino, planning to study abroad, it is best to consider Russia. In here we tackle the benefits of studying in Russia as well as the steps in enrolling with a Russian University. Let us discuss the hard parts into simple terms. Prepare your Philippine passport and get ready to take down some notes.

Advantages of studying in Russia

You can earn while you learn. As an international student, you are allowed to work part time up to 20 hours in a week. This will help you with your expenses including tuition fees, food, accommodation and transportation. The details of the work permit as well as the cost of living in Russia will be discussed by our team online during your consultation or in our office in Makati City, Philippines.

Low unemployment rate. Moscow, Russia has recorded the lowest unemployment rate in the country with only 1%. This was according to the international group Euromonitor. This just means, that you can definitely do part time job while you study in Russia.

Affordable tuition fees. Study programs in Russia offers lower tuition fees that other countries. This is in comparison to the United States of America, Canada and even Australia. 926 Asia is a partner of Synergy University in Russia. Synergy University is one of the biggest university in Russia, but offers reasonable tuition fees for Filipino international students. Let our team assist you with your study abroad program by emailing us at for your free assessment.

Easiest way for permanent residence. After studying and living in Russia for more than a year, you are now eligible for permanent residency. This gives you the right to work without the need for a visa and a permit. Compared to other countries, this would take you almost 4 years! In our honest opinion, this is an overlooked part of other students.

Arts, and architecture. The largest library in Europe is the Russian State Library with almost 45 million publications and documents in storage. There are also 120 parks and gardens in Moscow, Russia. These areas constantly hold events like festivals, concerts, and holidays! Russia also has 9,000+ sports facilities. Sporting events are usually held in the capital which gathers almost 70 thousand students from metropolitan universities. Talk about an exciting study and stay, right?

Diversity in Russia. There are almost 300 thousand foreigners who are permanent residents in Russia. The British newspaper – The Independent even hailed Russia as a cosmopolitan city, the most friendly for foreigners. So don’t even think that you are alone in Russia. There are many foreign nationals in Russia, there are just not vocal in social media.

Steps in studying in Russia as an international student


926 Asia offers free assessment to Filipino student applicants planning to be an international student in Russia. Simply send us your updated resume to and get to talk to our Migration and Education Consultant online or in our office in Makati City, Philippines.


After the consultation, you may then choose a study program with our partner – Synergy University. Our recommendations would likely fit your work background as well as your educational attainment. Other personal details including skills will also be considered.


Our team will also be presenting you the fees that you should settle to begin your study program abroad. Some of the fees include the tuition fee, engagement fee and the student visa fee. With our partner university, Synergy University, you don’t have to worry with high tuition fees. Synergy University is one of the biggest and prestigious university in Russia but offer the MOST reasonable tuition fee in the country. They also provide scholarship to select student applicants. Let our team help you with your plans in studying abroad.


As part of our Migration and Education Consultancy Assistance, our team will be providing you the list of requirements for studying in Russia as well as the student visa requirements. We will also be checking on every document. Our main goal is to make the processing as hassle free as possible.


Note that only after we have enrolled you to Synergy University, by then you can get an invitation letter. This is part of the student visa requirements. And during the student visa application, our consultant will be guiding you. We understand that visa application can be overwhelming that is why 926 Asia offers the most affordable assistance fee in our study programs abroad (Russia, USA, Australia and Canada).

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