Travel Insurance with covid19 coverage

If you are a Filipino – a Philippine passport holder that will travel internationally, most countries including the Unites States and European regions requires travel insurance with medical coverage on covid19. A Certificate of Insurance will be presented in the immigration or by the check-in counter upon your departure and on your arrival. Having a travel insurance will be helpful to you in case of emergency.


Travel insurance depends on the age, the location, and the number of days that you will travel. This is the current rate for travel insurance with coverage on covid19. Interested? Click this link to our online form. 926 Asia Travel and Tours is a travel agency in Makati City, Philippines and is a partner of Malayan Insurance.

Travel valid within Asian regions.

For example, you are 26 years old on the day of travel, and will be traveling to Thailand from May 1 – 15, 2021 and will be arriving Philippines by May 16, 2021… your travel insurance must be valid from May 1-16 which is equivalent to 16 days. You will need to settle PHP2,500. See the table above.

Rates posted are applicable for international travel not within the Asian region.

If you are also wondering why travel insurance is limited up to 75 years old, this is because people aged 76 and above are no longer insurable. They are within the age range prone to health decline especially to that of the covid19. What we really suggest is to get a doctor’s approval stating that the person of age is fit to travel. However, we cannot speak of the actual travel requirements for most countries as it will still depend on their respective governments.


Getting your travel insurance through us is very simple. All you need to follow is 3 steps.

  1. Fill out the form below and send us a copy to
  2. Settle the payment to the bank account provided below. Please also e-mail us a copy of the deposit slip so we can verify. You may also opt for online bank transfers.
  3. Wait for your Certificate of Insurance and Insurance policy via e-mail upon confirmation of form and payment.

Philippine National Bank – 926A Travel and Tours – Account # 631710026826


Once you have availed of this travel insurance, this will include (1) Emergency Medical Treatment, and (2) Daily Hospital Income Benefit.

The travel insurance company will settle for the expenses incurred in case that the insured (you) will be medically diagnosed to have contracted the Covid 19 infection. This should be acknowledged by the public health authority or any relevant government authorities of the city/country which the insured (you) have visited during the period of travel.

The travel insurance company will also provide the insured (you) with the cash assistance with a lump sum of PHP3,000.00 for Asian Travel and PHP4,000.00 for Worldwide Travel in case that the the insured will be confined within a medical
facility due to Covid19 infection, noted that this is up to 14 days of confinement.


If you are asking the benefits of a travel insurance, it is very profound. Travel Insurance will be able to help you in case of emergency when others can’t. To explain further, our travel insurance partner offers coverage on emergency medical treatment up to PHP1,500,000.00 for travel within Asian regions and up to PHP2,500,000.00 for worldwide travel. This fits the criteria for international travel insurance.

And because coverage on covid19 is also included in this travel insurance, in case of in need, the travel insurance will pay for the medical treatment fees in case of the contraction of the covid19 infection while on travel.

Product features and benefits of the travel insurance also include hospital allowance due to accident and sickness, personal accident, personal liability, recovery of travel expenses (emergency trip cancellation or termination), any travel inconvenience (loss of baggage etc), and additional coverage on car rental protection and many more.

If you want the specifics as well as the terms and conditions of the travel insurance, you may reach us at 926 Asia Travel and Tours is a trusted travel agency since 2017*. We have proven good customer service through our reviews publicly posted online. Our office is in Makati City, Philippines.

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