Dummy Ticket For Schengen Visa

When applying for a Schengen Tourist Visa, requirements will include a travel insurance to cover your entire travel dates, hotel reservation, tour itinerary, and dummy tickets.

With our experience as a travel agency located in Manila, these are the most crucial requirements for Schengen Tourist Visa application aside from the bank statement, and bank certificate. This is because, the hotel reservation, tour itinerary, and reserved airline tickets or some would refer as dummy tickets; will reflect your intent of traveling to Europe or select Schengen regions. While our company can provide of these requirements, make sure to have good and reasonable intent when traveling to the Europe region.

Booking Your Own Dummy Ticket

Well, this is actually simple. Go to the airlines official website, then reserve your airline tickets upon check out. Here we tackle about flight reservation from a travel agency. In which our opinion and definition in this article (within our industry) is a confirmed airline ticket but not issued to the client. Travel agencies like 926 Asia Travel and Tours can provide you one. Note that we are talking about flight reservation, and not fake airline ticket.

Dummy Ticket Example

As much as we would want to avoid the term ‘dummy ticket’ due to its negative notion, here is an example for a reserved airline ticket. It includes a PNR number or Passenger Name Record which is verifiable directly to the airlines. It also has the flight details and the amount of the reserved airline ticket.

Getting Free Dummy Ticket

If you are referring to reserving your own airline tickets for your Schengen Visa Application and booking directly to the airline’s website, then you can hold airline tickets for free. You will only be provided at least 1 or 2 days to settle the payment. But the problem with this is that the the airline reservation online only allows you to reserve a flight for 1 day. Note that the visa processing will take you almost 10-20 days for you to know if you are granted with a Schengen Tourist Visa or if you need to reapply after a few months. This may not be valid for a tourist visa application. However, you may have the option to hold your airline tickets online, but not for Schengen Visa Application.

Dummy Ticket – Legal or Illegal?

On the condition that dummy tickets will be used for reasons such as overstaying, human trafficking and any other sorts of illegal or opposing international and immigration laws then we would not recommend it nor advertise it as it will be considered as fake ticket. Just opt for a flight reservation by a legitimate travel agency like 926 Asia Travel and Tours for your Schengen Visa application. Read more specific details on this topic when you head over to our article – Is Dummy Ticket Illegal?

Above all, a traveler has the option to either book dummy ticket to him or herself or to choose flight reservation with a travel agency instead. Additionally, providing these documents may help you with your tourist visa application, it will not guarantee. Make sure to have a visa consultation with us for your Schengen Visa application. Reach 926 Asia Travel and Tours at 09184480250 or email info@926atravelandtours.com. Our office is in Makati City, Philippines.

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