Where To Get Visa Extension in the Philippines?

If you are a Foreign national currently in the Philippines and would want to extend their 9A Visa or tourist visa, you may apply directly to the Bureau of Immigration or let 926 Asia Travel and Tours assist you.

In a nutshell, application to visa extension service is amenable for Foreign passport holders depending the current status of the visa and the applicant. The usual structure would be extending the 30 day period of stay (considered as visa waiver) in the Philippines for an additional 29 days.

However, there are certain cases that would require an evaluator to check the passport of the Foreign national applying for the visa extension. It can be a matter of extending the stay in the Philippines into a month, 2 months or even up to 6 months. Moreover, depending if the applicant has an I-card.

With our 9A Visa Extension Service, clients may simply need to submit their passport for checking. 926 Asia Travel and Tours does not charge this initial service. The valid passport will be submitted to the evaluator. The evaluator will then be providing our office an order payment sheet from the Bureau of Immigration (which includes the immigration fee) and our service fee. Clients will only have to pay once they have decided to proceed the visa processing.

Our visa extension service is perfect to those who do not have the luxury of time to wait for the visa processing or simply do not want to deal with the immigration. This visa extension service also caters to those Foreign nationals with expired visa or overstaying tourist(s) in the Philippines. Additionally, having your valid 9A Visa can allow you to get a 13A Visa. The 13A Visa is a non-quota immigrant visa, allowing select Foreign nationals married to a Filipino citizen which we also process. 926 Asia Travel and Tours have written an article on the benefits of having a 13A Visa.

Should you be interested in our service, you may contact us through our online form. 926 Asia Travel and Tours is a travel agency in Makati City. Some of the services that we offer are tourist visa services for Filipinos, travel packages for Asia, flight reservation, tourist visa extension for Foreign nationals and 13A Visa processing.

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