Filing a 13A Visa Temporary to Permanent Residence

If you are a Foreign national married to a Filipino national, you may acquire residency in the Philippines by getting a 13A Visa. In order to obtain the 13a Non Quota Visa, the Foreign national and the petitioner must be eligible. If you are wondering how and where to get a 13a visa, through the Bureau of Immigrations or through us – 926 Asia Travel and Tours.

According to the law, 13(a) or 13A Visa Non Quota Visa is amenable to select Foreign Nationals provided that s/he is able to prove that (1) S/he contracted a valid marriage with a Filipino citizen; (2) the marriage is fully recognized under the Philippine laws; (3) no derogatory record of the applicant and the petitioner; (4) S/he must be in good mental and physical health and; (5) S/he has sufficient funds to support his/her family.

Currently, there are 82 countries amenable to apply for permanent residency in the Philippines. Certain nationalities would also be subjected to certain standards set by the Philippine Laws. 926 Asia Travel and Tours provides 13A visa processing and consultation to all eligible nationalities. Our common 13A Visa applicants include nationalities of these countries:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Nigeria
  • Spain
  • Turkey and
  • United States of America

The 13a visa applicant must be mindful that the first part of 13A visa application is probationary status. This is equivalent to a year stay in the Philippines. The processing of the 13A Visa is within 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the load of the Bureau of Immigration. As for our clients, we highly suggest staying in Metro Manila for interview purposes. The final processing is for permanent residency.

Aside from the nationality of the applicant, certain grounds to consider would also include the biological gender of the applicant and the petitioner, the child(ren) or dependents of the applicant and the petitioner, the existing current visa status of the petitioner and the applicant, the marriage date and year and so on. The eligibility alone for a 13A visa does not solely rely on the initial definition.

926 Asia Travel and Tours provides 13A visa consultation services. Our processing of 13A Visa includes checking of requirements as well as checking of your input information on application forms, and practice Dos and Don’ts on interview questions. Our office is located in Manila, Philippines. Reach our team through our online form.

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