Can a 13A Visa application denied?

If you are a Foreign national married to a Filipino citizen, and are planning to retire or live in the Philippines by acquiring citizenship, it is noted to apply for a 13A Non-Quota Immigrant Visa. Additionally, 13A visa starts with probationary status and then to permanent residency. 13(a) may be denied if certain conditions are not met and if not eligible.

Contrary to what other believe is that, 13A Visa application can be rejected and denied if not filed correctly. And not because you are a Foreign national with sufficient funds may guarantee your application. Here’s an actual inquiry from a client who applied his 13A Visa directly. We have blurred out pertinent details for the client’s privacy.

Because the 13A application was filed directly to the Bureau of Immigration, 926 Asia Travel and Tours has no way to recheck the documents, and pre-evaluate the applicant. We couldn’t really answer his inquiry as to what went wrong. We have politely declined to the client and he may try to re-apply again.

Primary considerations of eligibility for a 13A Visa are the following: (1) The foreign national must be legally married to the Filipino citizen; (2) the marriage must be within must be recognized under the Philippine laws; (3) there must no derogatory records for the foreign national and the Filipino spouse; (4) the Foreign national must be in good physical and mental state; and (5) the applicant’s nationality or the Foreigner must belong in the select nationalities eligible for a 13A Visa.

The Foreign applicant and the Filipino spouse must be mindful of these prerequisite to be able to avoid being denied of a 13A Visa application. With our experience on visa processing services, we initially scan of the visa applicant’s profile is s/he is able to meet these conditions.

There are certain instances that may hinder your 13A visa application depending on the current situation and must be evaluated by a visa consultation firm like 926 Asia Travel and Tours.

  • The date and year of marriage of Foreign applicant to the Filipino petitioner
  • The biological gender of the Foreign national and the Filipino spouse
  • Financial capacity of the Foreign applicant
  • Child(ren) of the Foreign applicant and the Filipino petitioner
  • Existing medical condition of Foreign applicant
  • Widow or widower; applies to Foreign national and Filipino spouse

Enlisted above are some of the usual problems that applicants may encounter; case to case basis. An applicant must also consider that the profile of the Filipino petitioner may also be evaluated, and not only as his application as a Foreign national. This is a fact mostly overlooked by applicants. Let 926 Asia Travel and Tours process your 13A visa application. Our visa services include checking of your documents, application forms, and preparing you for the 13a interview or hearing. Reach us through our online form and meet us in our office in Manila, Philippines.

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