Is ITR mandatory for Tourist Visa?

Is ITR mandatory for Tourist Visa?

When applying for a tourist visa, you may be asked to be provide an Income Tax Return or an ITR. It is a standard document requirement for most embassies. However, in some instances, it is not required.

Foremost, Filipino citizens eligible to Income Tax Return (ITR) as defined by the Bureau of Internal Revenue can be a resident engaging on trade, business and practice of his or her profession may it be within the Philippines and outside of the country. Additionally including those foreign nationals but engages on trade, business and practice of his or her profession within the Philippines is subjected to tax returns. As primary requirements of tourist visa application(s) includes testifying your source of income, you will be required to provide your Income Tax Return.

If you are an employee, you may simply ask your Human Resources for a copy. Depending on the workload of your HR, this would only take a couple of days. This is applicable to employees that are employed within a year or more to that of the company. This is because the Income Tax Return is equivalent to a year agenda. It is a standard recommendation to our clients to provide this document as part of the primary requirements.

The pros of providing an ITR are simple. Foremost, (1) this is to show that you have strong ties in the Philippines. This is especially of help to those with poor travel history. Considering that you will be applying for a US Tourist Visa or a Schengen Tourist Visa, this is a basis. Take this with consideration as we speak based on experience in processing tourist visa applications. 926 Asia Travel and Tours is an experienced and reliable travel agency in Manila, Philippines with thousands of clients a year. We only advise based on our expertise and experience. Moreover, (2) having to provide your Income Tax Return Shows that you are a good taxpayer. Whilst there are cases that our visa consultant may not require you to provide an ITR, presenting and submitting your updated document is reflective of you as a traveler. This is beneficial to those lacking the funds or the sufficient savings when traveling. It is still best to provide ITR even when sponsored.

Lastly, (3) your Income Tax Return will reflect what you earn. Considering that you may get a promo travel package, or perhaps you have saved up for this vacation, traveling still, equivalent to thousands of pesos, therefore, not cheap. Submitting your Income Tax Return, may you be employed, a company or a business owner will convince the embassy that you can fund your travel. It is also suggested to get a travel insurance. In case of emergencies, the travel insurance will serve as your fund.

Our travel agency will be able to assist those who are freelancers without ITR, first time travelers without ITR, a Filipino traveler that will only be sponsored or have no bank accounts, unemployed with ITR only from previous year or company, business owner without business registration, group or family traveling together and a retired Filipino without ITR.

All you need to do is submit us your requirements. And our visa consultant will be able to provide you alternatives in case you do not have an ITR. During the visa consultancy, additionally, we will be able to identify your weak points (besides not having an ITR) that will hinder or be the reason why you will rejected by a tourist visa.

As a professional tip, Income Tax Return is helpful to one’s visa application, may it be for Canada or Australian Tourist Visa or to any other embassy application. However, this is not a guarantee to be granted by a tourist visa. Other factors will be considered on your eligibility. To enclose, we do not encourage a fake ITR. This is quite a common practice of some to Japan and South Korea Tourist Visa Application.

Dishonesty and submission of fake documents are one of the denied reasons for a visa rejection. Don’t put your money into waste. If you have doubts on your tourist visa application consult with 926 Asia Travel and Tours through our online form or email us at We provide visa assistance at reasonable rates inclusive with free ticket itinerary. Nothing to worry, just submit.

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