Tourist Visa Consultation Philippines

If you are a Philippine Passport Holder planning to get US, UK, Schengen, South Korea, Japan, Dubai, China, Canada and Australia Tourist Visa, you may want to consult with us. We are a travel and visa agency in Manila, Philippines.

Here are the steps on tourist visa processing.

STEP 1 APPOINTMENT: Set an appointment. You may contact us at 09184880250 or through the online form. Once you have filled up the online form, expect that the visa consultant will send you a list of primary requirements for your tourist visa application. Just accomplish the application form attached to that e-mail then send it back to us for the free evaluation. But, if you are already sure that you will apply your visit visa, tourist visa or business visa, you may compile all these primary requirements first, or you have to proceed to consultancy directly under PHP1,000 only. Completing the primary requirements provided to you by the visa consultant will be helpful for the proceeding steps as your documents will be checked.

STEP 2 CONSULTANCY: The visa consultant will provide the visa processing services that includes thorough checking of your requirements, visa fee, and free flight itinerary or free hotel reservation. Remember that our visa consultation is at PHP1,000 and this is by appointment basis and recommended to those visa applicants with many questions. During your visa consultancy, it is highly recommended to be transparent when casually interviewed by our visa consultant. Being honest with your information such as show money, travel history, criminal records (if applicable) and educational attainment will be helpful for your application. Our visa consultants are all professionals. We want you to get your tourist visa and do not want your money to be put into waste.

  • Visa consultant will check all your requirements and as well as your visa application form if correctly and accurately accomplished, and the
  • Visa consultant will then identify strengths and weaknesses of your visa application; so the
  • Visa consultant will provide possible solutions to weaknesses or problems your visa application may encounter. By simply the…
  • Visa consultant will suggest secondary requirements that may help your visa application and lastly the
  • Visa consultant will answer and clarify all your questions on visa application.

STEP 3 PREPARING REQUIREMENTS: Based on the requirement list that the tourist visa consultant have provided you, you will be guided through the process of preparing the documents. This is why we highly recommend applying 3 months before your travel dates (as a general rule). Some documents may be harder to claim, and instances are unpredictable. Also consider the processing times of your tourist visa when requirements or interview (if applicable) have been conducted. See the processing times here.

STEP 4 LODGING: Before submission to the visa center or to the embassy, rest assured that the select tourist visa consultant have thoroughly reviewed your application. We want you to pass the tourist visa application that is why we only provide you focused assessment nonetheless. We have also posted our Frequently Asked Questions on tourist visa processing.

Should there be also things to clarity regarding your tourist visa requirements, please be free to email us at You may also set an appointment with our travel agency office in Makati City, Philippines.

2 thoughts on “Tourist Visa Consultation Philippines

  1. I need your help,
    There’s any one chat or talk there
    How can I get tourist visa,
    I’m here in manila,
    And I want to go travel in Europe North Macedonia,
    Do you help me,
    Thank you,

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