Sponsor My Filipino Friend To Canada

If you have a Filipino friend or a relative, that wants to visit and tour Canada, it can be helpful to have a sponsor. The sponsor shall vouch that he or she shall be financially responsible to the Canadian Tourist Visa applicant’s show money and itinerary. Let a visa agency in Manila, Philippines discuss you the requirements and qualifications on being a sponsor.

The basic requirement for a sponsor is a letter of invitation, it is also often referred as a letter of sponsorship for travel agencies in the Philippines. The letter of invitation should include the sponsor’s and the tourist visa applicant’s details. These details are the following: complete name, address, contact details, and travel itinerary. Above all, the sponsor or inviter must able to include his or her source of income and the allotted budget for the visa applicant being sponsored. When applying for a Canadian Tourist Visa, your Filipino friend or relative may opt to directly apply in the Canadian Visa Center. The applicant may then provide this as part of the primary requirements. This is recommended to applicants who already have sufficient travel history, have applied a tourist visa in another country or embassy and is a professional or a skilled worker in the Philippines. Not because the Canadian Embassy only considers such requirements but rather, in case of applying for a visit visa, one should be able to easily match and comprehend on Canada’s Immigration Policy and Philippine’s Immigration Laws.

But should your Filipino friend or relative be a first time traveler, or perhaps a busy applicant and have doubts on his profile as a visa applicant, it is suggested to go through 926 Asia Travel and Tours for visa processing. Upon our evaluation, additional requirements may be asked to be provided. Supporting documents may include proving your financial capacity as a sponsor and proving your residency or citizenship in Canada. Our travel agency will be able to guide the visa applicant by carefully assessing the primary requirements as an initial step. These supplementary documents may be the sponsor’s birth certificate, IMM 100, PR Card and Citizenship Card. Note that other Philippine validated documents may also be complementary to the visa application. These additional requirement may vary depending on the visa applicant’s profile and to whom is he or she sponsoring. Our trusted visa consultant will also be able to identify possible gaps in the visitor visa application and at what range of budget should be allotted for the applicant’s itinerary. Moreover, because itinerary is part of the basic requirements, our travel agency visa assistance includes free ticket reservation.

One major disclaimer on having a sponsor is a guaranteed Canadian Tourist Visa. On a simple note, money does not always assure an approval. The sponsor and the visa applicant must be eligible for a tourist visa or a temporary resident visa. Factors like health, travel record, education and strong home ties in the Philippines should be established. 926 Asia Travel and Tours is experienced in visa assistance, and considers the guidelines set by the Canadian Embassy as well as the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA hereon).

Contact 926 Asia Travel and Tours through our online form or you may email us at info@926atravelandtours.com or give us a call at 09184880250. Our physical office is accessible on appointment basis in Makati City, Philippines.

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