How Much Show Money Do I Need For Canada Tourist Visa?

There is no specific figure on how much show money in your bank account is needed when applying for a Canada Tourist Visa. This is because money is not the only factor of being eligible for a visitor visa. However, your bank requirements, assets or proof of funds must be justified and from a legal source. If you are a Philippine passport holder, let us imply you some requirements to consider.

When applying for a Canadian Tourist Visa, an applicant should be mindful that no show money can guarantee an approved visitor’s visa. A visa applicant may have millions in his or her bank account can be rejected, and a visa applicant within the minimum wage rate can be approved. The purpose of submitting your bank certificate and bank statement is two fold. If you are a Filipino planning to travel Canada, you must ask the following questions:

  1. How can I prove that I have strong home ties in the Philippines?
  2. How can I show that I am financially able to sustain my travel in Canada?

As simple as it may seem, the complex it is really is. Having strong ties in the Philippines would mean that you will not overstay in Canada. In other terms, you will be returning to the Philippines after the duration of your visitor’s visa because of your responsibilities. Not overstaying is also being a lawful citizen; you simply abide the immigration laws set by the foreign country. Filipinos who overstay, will be subjected to penalties, and may expect to be arrested, detained and issued a removal order. Accordingly, an overstaying ‘tourist‘ is inadmissible and thus, will be denied entry as a failure to observe select provisions under Immigration and Refugee Protection Act or IRPA. Upon the submission of your primary requirements for your Canada Tourist Visa application, our visa consultant will be able to identify if you have strong ties to our country. Matters like valid documents, immigration related convictions, personal background, and education will be checked. This means, money as mentioned beforehand, is only part of the eligibility for a Canada Tourist Visa.

It is also a known fact that travel can be costly, thus, the embassy sets requirements on visa eligibility in order to avoid illegal employment in Canada. And working with a tourist visa would mean, being undocumented worker. Accordingly, employers who hire people who overstay and are non compliant to the law may face penalties from a conviction to a fine. Canada Border Service Agency makes sure that immigration laws must be observed and enacted.

Moreover, having the sufficient funds in your bank account must be provided by the visitor visa applicant. Highlight the term used is ‘sufficient’ and not ‘excess’. Sufficient funds in this sense would mean that funds in your bank certificate and bank statements will be thoroughly evaluated by our visa consultant if it matches your taxable income, gross income, your income tax return as well as your assets. To simply show your bank account, and assets will not give you assurance, but should always be reasonable. However, this applies differently to those who are sponsored. Your source of income, and savings must show that you can support yourself on the duration of your itinerary. Itinerary includes your airline tickets, food and tours. In order to save money, in case, you have doubts on your application, we suggest getting a flight reservation.

You will also be asked to provide your monthly income slip if you are an employee and your income tax if you are an employer. In our experience as a visa agency, a traveler with a hefty bank account was suggested to have a cheap tour package, and another traveler earning the minimum rate booked a middle range tour but have saved sufficiently for his Canada travel. Our trusted travel consultant will also suggest the suited tour for your profile in general and not simply because of your on-hand funds. As long as your application with us is transparent, our visa consultant will be able to identify your application’s weak points and will suggest possible solutions in order to avoid a denied visa. Upon our assessment of your primary requirements, we then, suggest supporting documents that will strengthen your Canada tourist visa application.

Above all, it is also highly recommended to secure your travel insurance when applying for a Canada Tourist Visa especially if you are not financially well off. This would entail that the visa applicant is mindful of the consequences of travel. Directly, travel insurance can deduct the money damage in case of unfortunate instances like accidents, loss of baggage and many more.

Hence, Canada Tourist Visa show money varies from every traveler. Our Canada visa assistance and processing service is beneficial to first time travelers, and even to those initially rejected of a visitor’s visa. Contact 926 Asia Travel and Tours through our online form. You may also visit our office in Makati City on appointment basis.


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