How To Get Refund From A Travel Agency

If you are wondering how to get a refund from your travel agency in Manila, Philippines for your airline tickets, hotel booking, and or tour cancellation and how long would it will take to claim, it actually depends on the supplier.

Foremost, when a traveler buys a tour package, or an airline ticket from a travel agency, s/he will be provided with a travel document. This is the document that shows your reservation and this is also the paper being presented to the check in counter of an airline or a hotel or to a tour guide. This includes your name, departure and arrival details and your contact number. With us, a travel agency in Makati City – we usually provide the refund policy or the terms and conditions at the bottom part of the document. We highly recommend reading the fine lines of the policy. Speaking of our experience as a travel company, our clients would rarely read the document. As a rule of thumb, we have then explained the details directly upon availing a travel package.

In terms of airline tickets, your travel agency acts as the middle man, therefore, the money you have paid and for refund will be directly coming from the airlines. Other travel agencies in Manila provide a deducted service fee on refunds. With our travel and tours – we understand the struggle on refunds, this is why we do not have any service charge on refunds. All you need to do is check with us if the airline provider is applicable for your refunds. However, in most cases, we simply recommend to have it rescheduled and converted into a travel fund. An honest explanation for this is that, with our experience, it takes months to years for a refund to be processed. Not that we have lacked the assistance, but rather, it is the supplier’s processing time. We recommend getting the value of your hard earned money. Go for a travel fund instead of a refund. In this way, we could recommend travel dates suited within your budget. Additionally, depending on your cancellation, full refund may not be eligible to your reason. Our travel agents are truthful when it comes to money saving and working on your travel package.

For instance, with Cebu Pacific (CEBPAC), they claim to facilitate refund within 10 working days, but due to different billing cycles, a credit may not reflect immediately to the travel agency’s account. Here’s a portion of the General Terms and Conditions of Cebu Pacific on Refunds:

You can read more by heading straight to CEBPAC’s official website.

On the other hand, with Philippine Airlines (PAL), denotes that they process airline ticket refunds within 15 days. However, with the load that these airlines process your refunds, it may take a while for a travel agency to receive it.

The question also lies if your booking is refundable on a reasonable excuse. Usually, if a traveler cancels his or her trip within a week before the tour dates, the hotel or tour provider may not be able to provide full cancellation. However, this does depend on the hotel and tour operator policy. A short notice on a sudden cancellation may not be able to justify the lost profit of the hotel and the tour operator. Again, this will all depend on the reason for cancellation as different accommodations and tours have different refund policies. Truth to be told, our booking policies on refunds depends on every supplier for every travel package.

Lastly, the problem arises when the supplier has not provided the refund within the specific processing time. This is quite a common demand in the Philippines. Due to a limited number of suppliers and a number of travelers, the travel agencies suffers on complaints even though the funds will be directly coming from the travel suppliers. 926 Asia Travel and Tours highly recommends cooperating with your travel agency and make sure to ask for an update.

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4 thoughts on “How To Get Refund From A Travel Agency

  1. I agree that they have been providing these services, resulting in getting your refund from your travel agency. I have seen or experienced this myself by contacting them. I want to comment about it on this blog as well.

    1. Yes. Refunds from the airlines and hotels might take long but travel agencies like us, tries our best to process it as fast as we can and tries to accommodates the clients to avoid any inconvenience. 🙂

  2. Cancelled travel due to covid 19. Until this year 2023 no refund, and they say that we can only get 40%

    1. We cannot really specifically comment as different agencies, airlines, hotel and tour providers have terms and conditions. Make sure you were provided with this beforehand. We hope you get the refund.

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