Is Dummy Ticket Safe?

Quite often, a dummy ticket or a flight reservation is often a mismatched term, and misunderstood in terms of its use. The answer really lies on where you got it and how you will use it. Let us – a travel company answer your question.

Foremost, a dummy ticket is a flight reservation with Passenger Name Record verifiable to airline companies. It is referred to ‘dummy’ because it is not equivalent to the full price of an airline ticket.

Considering the use of dummy ticket especially to that of Schengen Tourist Visa Application, it is quite a common ground.

Only a travel agency, can provide a fight reservation with a unique and legitimate barcode, that is real and verifiable. Let us provide it to your email address in as fast as 1-3 business days only. Head over to our online form to reach us directly. So if you are considering editing an airline reservation perhaps using a template you found online it is not a dummy ticket but it is a fake airline itinerary and we do not recommend to do so. Your tourist visa application might be rejected and worst would be being blacklisted.

Additionally, the security of using a dummy ticket can based on how you will be using it. If you will be using it as means to overstay, or to work abroad or to do any act opposing the rules and regulations of a certain country, then it can be punishable by the law. It can be also a term under deceive of person’s in authority. And again, considering the worst is to be deported or hold within the immigration. We have provided an in-depth article on this. Our article on Is Dummy Ticket Illegal is recommend to Philippine Passport Holders.

Moreover, the rampant use of photoshopped ticket is the real caution. Often times, a dummy ticket is used on human trafficking and is not supported by 926 Asia Travel and Tours. Not does it only harm the person or the victim, it is falsification of documents and disregard of immigration authorities. Note that the flight reservation or flight itinerary should contain the PNR or Passenger’s Name Record.

If you are in need of a flight reservation or flight itinerary for your tourist visa application as what me may refer the sufficient term, we can assist you. Our visa assistance already includes visa consultation, flight reservation or hotel reservation, visa fee and checking of requirements. You only pay once, and it’s hassle free. Or should you need your ticket for personally applying your tourist visa, we can only provide you a flight reservation at a reasonable cost. Reach us in our online form. You can also email us at or call us at 09184880250. 926 Asia Travel and Tours is your e-commerce travel agency located in Makati City, Philippines.

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