Dummy Ticket For Tourist Visa

Let us help you get your free dummy ticket for your tourist visa application or simply avail of this separate service of flight itinerary. Our flight reservation is verifiable online making it hassle free. Let a travel agency in Manila, Philippine assist you.

In applying for your Schengen and US Tourist Visa, you are required to present a flight reservation as part of your itinerary. This will show a PNR or Passenger Name Record and is verifiable directly to the airlines. This is just called as dummy because it is a hold reservation but it is not expensive as the actual ticket.

Here’s a dummy ticket sample:

This is an example of a flight reservation. It shows the flight’s schedule and we have erased the Passenger’s complete name. This is not a printable nor an editable airline ticket template online. While some may easily think of photoshopping this document, we definitely do not recommend. You are not creating a dummy ticket but you are rather creating a fake airline ticket that may cost your visit visa application.

When you simply avail of our tourist visa assistance, we can also provide this proof for an onward travel, this will certainly help you with showing that you will return to the Philippines and will not overstay in that particular country. Or if you want to apply on your own, our rent-a-flight or flight reservation can be a separate service.

Additionally, we do not promote the use of dummy tickets for overstaying or work purposes as this is unlawful. We have provided an in-depth article on why dummy tickets can be legal or illegal here. Moreover, the real advantage of booking a dummy ticket is not paying the full price before you even have an approved tourist visa application.

Let a travel agency with office in Makati City, Philippines hold your airline tickets when you contact us at info@926atravelandtours.com. You may also head over to our online form. Our flight reservation service can provide you dummy tickets in less than 2 days via email. It is also verifiable to airlines.

As of writing, we are the only travel agency that has 90% passing rates on tourist visa application, and we offer an all-inclusive visa assistance. Our tourist visa assistance includes checking of documents, flight itinerary, visa fee and visa consultation. We offer visa assistance to US, UK, Schengen, South Korea, Japan, Dubai, China, Canada and Australia.

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