Tourist Visa Processing Time

Here’s a summary of processing time for tourist visa applications that we assist. 926 Asia Travel and Tours is a travel agency situated in Makati City providing visa assistance and visa processing services in the Philippines. In fact, we are also accredited by the Department of Tourism.

Australia Tourist Visa3 to 6 weeks processing
UK Tourist Visa3 to 6 weeks processing
China Tourist Visa1 to 2 weeks processing
Korea Tourist Visa4 to 6 weeks processing
Japan Tourist Visa1 to 3 weeks processing
Canada Tourist Visa3 to 6 weeks processing
Schengen Tourist Visa10 to 20 days processing
Dubai Tourist Visa5 to 10 days processing
US Tourist Visa1 to 2 weeks processing

If you are wondering how long does it take to get your tourist visa, then we have already provided you with the table. We also highly recommend filing your application with our team at least 3 months before your travel dates. The 3 month rule is sufficient enough to process your documents. Let us tell you a detailed explanation on as to why.

For instance, today is September 10, 2020 and you plan to travel by December 5, 2020. This is the perfect time to apply for your tourist visa. Allot the first month (September) for gathering your requirements. Contact 926 Asia Travel and Tours online for your the list primary requirements for your tourist visa application. Head over to this link to reach us. Upon completing your primary requirements, we recommend to set an appointment with us so we can personally evaluate if your application is workable and if there is a chance for you to pass. In addition, you will be provided with a list of secondary or supporting documents to strengthen your tourist visa application.

It is recommend to visit us in our travel agency office in Makati so we can fully check your application. You may set an appointment with us here. You can also send us your scanned requirements to if you are not amenable to visit. We have a trusted travel visa consultant which will help you and guide you throughout the tourist visa process.

Moreover, some documents may not be acquired immediately. Think about educational certificates or lost previous passport and other documents. This may take a while as it may be directly from abroad or just due to time constraint. In our experience, we had a client who acquired her sponsor’s requirements only after 3 weeks. It was time consuming but since we suggested to begin her tourist visa application within the 3 month standard, she did not struggle with the time frame. If you are a first time traveler, it might not even shift into mind that different countries have different processing time on tourist visa application and some may take long.

For the second month (October), assuming that you are about to complete the primary and supporting documents, then you got sick. This month may be allotted for certain instances like this one. With this whole month, you may be able to gain your health back and proceed to our office for submission. Though a client may be able to submit his or her tourist visa requirements to our office with the help of a delivery service or courier, we would still encourage to personally hand it over to our tourist visa consultant. The main reason is that our visa consultant will be able to provide you more of the consultation that you needed for your tourist visa application. This is highly advised to Filipinos who are applying for a B-2 Visa or US Tourist Visa or Schengen Tourist Visa. The mentioned requires an interview with the consul and the tourist visa consultant may be able to direct you the Do’s and Dont’s of your visa application. It is also worth mentioning that the second or the last evaluation may be able to scan your documents thoroughly for possible gap that may hinder your application.

And for the last month (November), this is for the actual processing time for your tourist visa application. The most applicable example is for Korean Tourist Visa. Originally, the processing time for a Korean Tourist Visa was only a matter of 2 weeks but due to the increase of travelers to Seoul, they have implemented a maximum of 30 days processing time. Furthermore, with US or Schengen Tourist Visa which requires an interview in the embassy and or the visa center, your interview date may not be chosen but rather be booked by 926 Asia Travel and Tours on the nearest available date. The explanation for this as interview schedule may be full for the month that you requested and the nearest available date after is 15 days. The embassy or the visa center provides limited and select schedule only. Now all you need to do is to wait for the results or interview questions. A Tourist Visa applicant must also consider that visa processing times may vary depending per person.

In processing your tourist visa, you may opt to do it on your own or choose the right travel agency to process your tourist visa application is simple. Go with a travel agency accredited by the Department of Tourism so you don’t have any problems with legitimacy. With 926 Asia Travel and Tours, we provide tourist visa assistance with visa consultancy, checking of requirements, already includes visa fee and comes with free flight reservation or hotel reservation. You may email us at or call us at 09184880250. You can aslo visit this link for inquiries and our visa consultant will assist you.

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