Is Dummy Ticket Illegal?

Let a legitimate travel agency provide you a detailed explanation what makes a Dummy Ticket or a Flight Reservation illegal and legal. But foremost, Dummy Ticket is a flight reservation of a round trip airline ticket from and to your home country; the legality depends on its use. It is a document provided by airline websites and by a travel agency.

Often times, when you apply for a Tourist Visa, one of the requirements would be a confirmed flight reservation and then you would scout Google on how to book your dummy ticket for visa, or you would opt for a travel agency to reserve your flights for your Tourist Visa Application. But oftentimes, some would question it legality because of its namesake quoted negative.

First, we explain to you why it is referred as dummy. A flight reservation is a dummy ticket because it is not an actual paid ticket in full. It is recommended for the sole purpose of saving money for your Tourist Visa Application. It is because no travel agency, not even 926 Asia Travel and Tours can guarantee you an approved Tourist Visa. Noted that such approval will be based on the decision of the embassy or the consul if you are eligible for a tourist visa, and our travel agency may help you in this factor. Additionally, a dummy ticket consists of real flight schedule. It also has a PNR code, or a Passenger Name Record. It a computer based data system that contains a mix of letters and numbers that are verifiable directly to airlines. It can be used for identifying a traveler is s/he has an actual reservation. We use a system that generates a dummy ticket with verifiable PNR code. Book your flight reservation or dummy ticket with us and we can provide it via email in as fast as 1-3 days. Contact us here.

So here’s a professional tip. Never Photoshop any flight itinerary. It is considered as deceive to a person with authority. This is one of the reasons why most fail in Tourist Visa Application. Instead of doing it the easy way, consult 926 Asia Travel and Tours for your Tourist Visa Processing. 926 Asia Travel and Tours has 90% passing rate on our sum on visa assistance by providing consultation, we would know if application is worth the try. And in terms of legality on Tourist Visa Application, select Schengen regions ask for flight reservation as a requirement.

It is also understandable that a passenger intending to travel internationally as a tourist must undergo a primary inspection by the Immigration Officer. Documents such as valid Philippine passport, Tourist Visa, and a Round Trip Ticket or return ticket must be presented. This is strictly identified under MO 036 of the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) Revised Guidelines on Departure Formalities for International Bound Passengers. What makes it illegal is the use of dummy ticket for the sake of passing immigration in airports, for the purpose of overstaying and illegal working. This is a saddening fact that even us, a legitimate travel agency receive a number of inquiries that one asks for a dummy ticket but with the intention of working abroad without the proper procedure and documentation. Moreover, these travel documents of the passenger shall be assessed and examined. An interview shall be conducted. In practice, Immigration Officer’s inspection shall not extend 10 minutes unless the circumstances require longer attention. If a passenger is found to have fake travel documents, for the purpose of illegal working or a case of human trafficking, the Immigration Officer shall not clear the traveler for departure. Additionally, the Immigration Officer shall execute an Affidavit of Deferred Departure. The traveler whose departure is postponed, along with his/her documents shall be turned over to IACAR Task Force for case build up and for investigation. Expect to be fine, prosecuted or jailed.

The rampant use of flight reservation or dummy tickets for job seeking, and overstaying should not be patronized. 926 Asia Travel and Tours highly opposes this act as this is against the law and may cause only harm to the user. The use of dummy tickets to trick Immigration Officers as tourists and to disrespect the law will never be promoted and supported by 926 Asia Travel and Tours. We support the governments strict implementation on RA 9208 or the Anti Trafficking in Person Act of 2003. To sum it all, do not use dummy tickets as a way to overstay and illegally work. Always stick to a legal standard procedures set by the governing bodies.

If you need help with Tourist Visa Application, you may contact 926 Asia Travel and Tours through or head over our online consultation form. We are an e-commerce travel agency situated in Makati City, Philippines. As of writing, we are the only travel agency in Manila that provides Tourist Visa Assistance with free flight itinerary, visa consultancy, checking of requirements and visa fee.

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