Free Dummy Ticket For Tourist Visa

Here’s how you can get and hold flight tickets for free when applying for a Tourist Visa. There is one way to airline reservation for free and another way to get legitimate flight itinerary at reasonable rates suited for your tourist visa application.

Foremost, you can get a free dummy ticket unless you book directly to airline websites. However, only a few airlines provide airline ticket reservation so you do not have any selection. Consider the websites of Cebu Pacific and Air Asia. The positive about it is that having your flight reservation for free but, these websites will only hold your tickets for a matter of 24 to 48 hours. Reserving flight tickets without any pay through direct websites can make your wallets happy but may definitely not strengthen your Tourist Visa Application. We do not recommend this for first time travelers and to anyone who has doubts on their profile in filing for a Tourist Visa.

On the other hand, 926 Asia Travel and Tours may be able to help you with Tourist Visa Application inclusive of free flight reservation. As of writing, we are the only travel agency in the Philippines that offers this kind of Tourist Visa Assistance.

Travelers must be mindful that such dummy ticket or flight reservation do not guarantee you Tourist Visa. This is because approval of Tourist Visa is upon the discretion of the embassy or consul and that no travel agency may manipulate it, not even us. But applying through a travel agency may give you an edge. 926 Asia Travel and Tours provides Tourist Visa Application inclusive of checking of requirements, visa consultation, visa fee, and flight itinerary. Our Tourist Visa Assistance is recommended to first time travelers, or people with weak travel records (no travel history, low financial requirements, denied previous application etc).

Note that dummy tickets or flight reservation is for Tourist Visa Application and should not be used for illegal activities that may harm the user or oppose immigration laws including illegally working or deceiving any person in authority. Note that flight reservations are includes PNR number existing in real time which is verifiable online. This is why 926 Asia Travel and Tours highly oppose any photoshopped document on Tourist Visa Application. Any photoshopped document, may it be a flight reservation or any document is considered as fake. Such maker or user of photoshopped document may be provided with a penalty or may be liable under such law.

Reach 926 Asia Travel and Tours directly when you head to our online form. We are your DOT accredited travel agency situated in Makati City, Philippines. We have 90% passing rate on our sum on visa assistance by providing consultation, we would know if application is worth the try.

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