Flight Reservation or Dummy Ticket or Flight Itinerary For Tourist Visa

It is recommended to get a flight reservation when applying for one and a travel agency like 926 Asia Travel and Tours might able to help you out. A Flight reservation looks like a flight ticket, and often referred as dummy ticket is one of the most helpful document for your Tourist Visa Application. Here are some of the commonly asked questions on Dummy Ticket and how to get one.

Do I really need a Flight Reservation or a Dummy Ticket when applying for a Tourist Visa? It can be helpful if you are a first time traveler, having weak financial grip, with poor travel history, a bad background or traveling in groups. And as of writing, we are the only travel agency in Manila and Makati City, that provides Tourist Visa Assistance inclusive of flight itinerary, visa consultancy, checking of requirements and visa fee. Get your free flight itinerary when you let us assist your Tourist Visa Application when you reach us here.

Can I Photoshop or make my own Dummy Ticket or Flight Reservation for my Tourist Visa Application? No. A Flight Reservation has a PNR code or the Passenger’s Name Record consists of a 10 digit number that can be confirmed directly through the airline’s official website. This is why 926 Asia Travel and Tours do not promote photo-shopping such document as this is the embassy’s way to verify. You don’t want to get rejected for forging documents or providing false information because of this.

Is the Flight Reservation or Dummy Ticket verifiable? Yes. The Flight Reservation or Dummy Ticket for your visa, if from a reliable source, can be verified online, and directly on the airline’s website. Want to book your own dummy ticket? Read our article on How To Book Dummy Ticket. Moreover, flight reservations consists of all the usual information that you would normally see on a flight tickets – departure and arrival time and date, point of entry, etc. You may simply contact us to provide your Flight Reservation.

Is Dummy Ticket illegal or legal? Our answer on this will be depending on how you use it, how you acquired it and on immigration laws. We have an in-depth article about this sensitive topic when you head over to Is Dummy Ticket Illegal. To sum it up, a Flight Reservation also referred as a Dummy Ticket, looks like a flight ticket. But the reason why it is often referred to as dummy ticket, because you do not pay the full price of an actual airline ticket.

Does a Dummy Ticket guarantee an approved Tourist Visa? With our experience, most applicants with weak profile does need a Dummy Ticket. A Flight Reservation is helpful to those Tourist Visa Applicants with weak travel record or even to those people who does not want to spend thousands on an airline ticket as Tourist Visa Application can be costly. A Dummy Ticket, in this sense, can strengthen your Visa Application but approval will always be upon the discretion of the embassy or consul. A Tourist Visa Applicant must keep in mind that this is a reservation, and not an actual ticket. It is recommended to disclose to the embassy upfront that you have provided a Flight Reservation.

Here’s our professional tip. If you have doubts on applying your Tourist Visa on your own, always consult an expert. 926 Asia Travel and Tours was awarded as Premiere Visa Assistance Services by the Elite Leadership for Metro Manila Category (2018-2019). Contact us at info@926atravelandtours.com or fill up our online form. Our main office is located in Makati City, Philippines.

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