Travel Insurance on Loss Baggage

It’s frustrating when you arrived at your destination and knowing that you’ve lost your luggage. That’s even a worst experience, even for an experience traveler. This is why we recommend putting your important belongings in your hand carry and getting a travel insurance.

Most often, a luggage can be found when reported in the airport. This may take a matter of days or weeks. And most likely a luggage can be lost en route or fallen overboard. Other cases would include luggage being stolen in a taxi cab or in your hotel room. We recommend booking with a travel agency for your accommodation or travel package as most are partnered with trusted hotels.

It is important to be mindful of your personal belongings and be insured with a travel insurance to cover loss on baggage.

The travel insurance that we offer provides loss on baggage coverage of up to PHP50,000 with a sublimit of PHP5,000 per item. This travel insurance is valid for Filipinos / Philippine Passport Holders. This travel insurance does not only help take the worries away, but it is also helpful if you will apply for a Tourist Visa.

Other travel insurance providers in the Philippines does not provide such coverage. We highly recommend getting a travel insurance worthy your money.

Get your travel insurance policy in less than 3 days when you inquire with us through emailing us at 926 Asia Travel and Tours provides your travel needs.

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