FAQs on Travel Insurance – Filipino’s Guide

If you are wondering if it’s beneficial to get a travel insurance, the answer would always be yes. Here are frequently asked questions on our travel insurance provider:

What is the primary benefit of getting travel insurance?

Travel insurance provides coverage for travel inconveniences. These inconveniences may include medical emergencies, loss of travel documents, delays and the alike. People purchase travel insurance because it would be costly without any coverage.

Besides these benefits, what else do I get for having a travel insurance policy?

Besides that it will cover such inconvenience, it will also be beneficial to your Tourist Visa Application. Countries in Europe and in the US require a travel insurance when applying for a visa.

How much is a travel insurance?

The travel insurance will depend on the number of stay and on what region you will be traveling. Get your free quotation when click this link. We also provide discount for a minimum of 10 persons and be insured for as low as PHP430 when you travel locally, within the Philippines.

How long does it take to receive my travel insurance policy?

Get your insurance policy in less than 3 days! Simply get quoted, fill out the form that we will provide, settle the payment and we will immediately process.

Does buying travel insurance require my appearance?

No. We can process it online or through email at your utmost convenience. However, should you be comfortable to personally proceed in our office, you may do so. Visit 926 Asia Travel and Tours. We are open from M-F from 10AM to 4PM. You may also call us email us at info@926atravelandtours.com.

If I will be buying travel insurance online, what are my payment options?

You may settle to any of our select bank accounts or pay online using your credit card when you head over to the Pay Online section of this website located in the top center.

How do I file claim?

Contact details of the travel insurance company will be indicated in the insurance policy that we will provide. Should you purchased the travel insurance online, we suggest having it printed for your reference.

Get your travel insurance policy  in less than 3 days when you inquire with us through emailing us at info@926atravelandtours.com. 926 Asia Travel and Tours provides your travel needs. We are your trusted travel agency situated in Makati City, Philippines.

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