FAQ on 13A Non-Quota Immigrant Visa

Are you a Foreigner married to a Filipino citizen and wanting to stay in the Philippines longer than your tourist visa? Then simply apply for a 13A Non Quota Immigrant Visa. Be with your Filipino spouse and live in the Philippines for good. Here are some of the frequently asked questions on 13A Visa or the Permanent Resident Visa.

  1. How do I apply for a 13A Non-Quota Immigrant Visa? If you have the time to process your requirements, you may opt to visit the Bureau of Immigration directly. Should you be busy and you do not want long queue, you may let 926 Asia Travel and Tours assist you. Reach us here.
  2. Who are eligible to apply for a 13A Permanent Resident Visa? Only select Foreign nationals married to a Filipino citizen are eligible for the 13A Non-Quota Immigrant Visa or the Permanent Visa. Check your eligibility here. Should your country not indicated, you may still be amenable to apply but subject to certain guidelines and standard which 926 Asia Travel and Tours may be able to aid you.
  3. My country is not included in the eligibility list, does this mean I can’t apply? As long as you are a Foreign national married to a Filipino citizen, you may still apply with 926 Asia Travel and Tours however, you will only be provided a Temporary Resident Visa Application valid for a year instead of Permanent Residency.
  4. Are there restrictions whether if I am a male or a female? Yes. The Philippine law only allows men to women marriage. Additionally, for countries Algeria, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia – applications for male Foreign nationals married to a Filipina will only be accepted.
  5. Are there things to consider on the date of marriage? Yes. For Malta – Foreign Passport Holders, the marriage took place before 24 April 2001 or the couple has been married for at least five years.
  6. Do I have to be married or can I apply while engaged? You need to be married to a Filipino citizen to process. May you be married in the Philippines, or in abroad, as long as you are married and eligible, you may acquire a 13A Visa.
  7. How long is the process for 13A Non-Quota Immigrant Visa? It usually takes 2 months or more if you personally applied. It could sometimes stretch longer than that depending on the availability of your other requirements. With 926 Asia Travel and Tours, once your requirements are complete, it could only take less than a week.
  8. What are the requirements for 13A Visa? Primary requirements include valid passport of the foreign applicant, joint letter addressed to the commissioner, duly accomplished CGAF, marriage certificate, PSA birth certificate, NBI clearance of the Filipino spouse and the applicant and BI Clearance Certificate. Additional requirements may be asked to comply with the application.
  9. If granted with 13A Permanent Resident Visa, how long can I stay in the Philippines? If this will be your first application, you will be granted with probationary status valid for a year. After the probationary period, you will then apply for the Permanent Residency. Additionally, you will also need to renew your ACR card every 5 years and report to your local BI every year as per normal. However be reminded that select foreign nationals will only be granted for a Temporary Resident Visa.
  10. Where can I find the relevant law on 13A Visa? You may simply type into google this keyword Philippine Immigration Act 1940, Section 13 or head over to this link.
  11. Any tips on the application? We recommend staying near Metro Manila for a a period of 2-3 months where you can easily head to the Bureau of Immigration for possible questions and for the interview. For emergency cases that would require you to leave the country, you will have to notify us or the governing body. It is only recommended to apply for the 13A Permanent Resident Visa if you have a long visa duration in the Philippines.

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