Advantages of Residency in the Philippines

If you are a Foreigner and you are married to a Filipino Citizen, or perhaps still planning to… then you might want to consider staying the Philippines for good by applying your 13A Visa with us. The 13(A) Non Quota Immigrant Visa allows you to stay in the Philippines for 1 year (probationary) or longer (permanent). Here are the advantages of applying for 13A Visa.

  • Filipinos are English speakers – You can easily adapt and be independent as majority of Filipinos speak basic English, even the younger ones! You may simply go to the mall or even travel and enjoy another vacation in an island because you can communicate with everyone.
  • Low cost of living – As of writing, the exchange rate of USD to PHP is quite good considering if you have it savings. You get more value out of your money. Be able to provide for your family without breaking the bank.
  • Tourism and its archipelago – Philippines can definitely boast its tourism. From beaches to mountains, to seas and man-made landmarks, you can explore all options from A-B. Book your tour by clicking here.
  • Friendly community – Imagine getting a flat tire or getting lost on directions, you don’t need to worry. Go to the nearest neighborhood you can find and we can guarantee that a friendly local will be there to aid. With Philippines’ history, foreigners aren’t that foreign.
  • Developing country – Live in the Philippines with modernity and simplicity. What do we mean? Because of its vibrant economy, it is good to invest in the Philippines while living a low key life with your beautiful Filipina wife.
  • Highest Catholic population in Asia – Experience Christianity and Roman Catholicism once you live in the Philippines. Churches are everywhere to express faith and even festivals to celebrate religion will be experienced. God is always at the center of every relationship as they say.

Let 926 Asia Travel and Tours help you experience the good life in the Philippines together with your spouse by reaching us here. We are your trusted visa provider and travel assistance in Makati City, Philippines since the latter of 2017.

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