No Bank Account And Show Money For Tourist Visa

No Bank Account And Show Money For Tourist Visa

To begin with, no embassy nor consulate have any specific required amount on your bank account. It is not true that you would need a hundred thousand of pesos or dollars as your bank balance just to travel to abroad or to get a certain Tourist Visa.

Take this advise from a legitimate travel company that processes visa applications since 2018. However, considering our experience, we have identified a ball point of show money and have already observed the minimum bank balance perfect for your Tourist Visa application. As your travel agency, we will be able to assess if your show money is realistic enough for your travel finances when you provide us your requirements.

Or, if you want to apply directly, you may do so, but be realistic with your finances. For example, if you are a minimum wage earner in the Philippines, it is quite impossible to have half a million of savings in your bank account. Not because that it can’t be done, but it is difficult to be justified. You may borrow show money from your friends or from a family member, but this alone may affect your application. This is a common misconception with first time applicants. They think that one just needed a huge savings account or a big show money to be granted with a Tourist Visa and it is not always the case.

Having a good show money can be a reason why you should be granted a Tourist Visa. If you are financially able, you will not overstay nor work illegally to the country you are applying for. It is not sufficient that you have a valid Philippine passport. Note that this in favor of the immigration laws. One must be reminded that in any Tourist Visa application requires you to submit a bank statement and a bank certificate. You may also submit documents pertaining to your assets like owning a car, a condo and the alike. Chances are, if you have a sufficient savings or funds, you will be granted with a Tourist Visa. But one must remember that finances alone, is not the only factor to be considered. Travel history, educational background and even personal profile will be assessed by the embassy. In this situation, sometimes, an assistance with a travel agency can be helpful but depending on your preference.

Let us help you by checking your requirements beforehand. Our company does not charge a high service fee but it is quite reasonable and with free flight reservation. Flight reservation is part of the requirements when processing a Tourist Visa or a Visitor Visa. We also, highly suggest that in every travel that you make, you must be capable of financing yourself in order to avoid further inconveniences in abroad. We recommend that you get Travel Insurance to lighten up the costs. 926 Asia Travel and Tours is partnered with Malayan Insurance for your travel insurance needs.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a bank account, which in some cases can be understood… for instance, you are a senior citizen, a retiree, or sponsored, your show money can be converted into your assets. Consider reading Tourist Visa Without Bank Account.

To sum up, having big amounts in your bank account and assets will not always be a standard to pass your tourist visa application. The amount must be reasonable. The consul have many things to consider. If you have doubts on applying your Tourist Visa on your own, it is still best to consult with a travel agency like 926 Asia Travel and Tours.

Let 926 Asia Travel and Tours process your visa application to US, UK, Schengen, South Korea, Japan, Dubai, China, Canada and Australia. Reach our team at or fill out the online form. We have an office in Makati City, Philippines.

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