How To Book Dummy Ticket For Tourist Visa

There are two ways on how to book a dummy ticket or a flight reservation for your Tourist Visa Application. First is to do it yourself, lastly through a travel agency. Let us share you the steps.

  1. Do-it-yourself. Only select airlines like Qatar Airlines and Cebu Pacific may be able to reserve your airline tickets online. However, these airlines may only be able to hold your reservation up until 24hours. The positive thing about this is that you save money, without actually booking the actual ticket. The negative thing about this is that most Tourist Visa Applications would process within 1 week or more so reservation may no longer be valid in case your documents are left out. A Dummy Ticket also includes a PNR number existing in real time which embassy may cross check if the reservation is existing. This is why we highly oppose any photoshoped document.
  2. Book through 926 Asia Travel and Tours. We are a legitimate company so rest assured that we are of reliable entity. Your flight reservation will be in a travel document. It is not a confirmed airline ticket, but it gives details about your travel such as airport of departure and or arrival, length of trip and flight details with the PNR code. Our flight reservation is also valid up to 2 weeks making it sufficient for the processing period of your Tourist Visa Application. Booking your Flight Reservation through us will save you money in case your application get denied or refused.

Here’s our professional reminder. Your flight reservation may strengthen your Tourist Visa Application but it does not guarantee your Tourist Visa Approval. This is why we would always suggest that if you have doubts on your Tourist Visa Application, you should consult an expert. It is only called a Dummy Ticket because it is not actually equivalent to a normal airline tickets. Lastly, Flight Reservation is not applicable and not recommended for the purpose of overstaying or any illegal activities. 926 Asia Travel and Tours do not promote any activities that are against the Philippine laws and international immigration laws.

Let 926 Asia Travel and Tours provide your travel needs. Send us an email at or visit this link. Our main office is in Makati City, Philippines.

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