926A Travel and Tours, its branding and its owner claims no ownership over all media content including pictures and videos posted in all our platforms. All media content posted are outsourced in the web. We highly respect the ownership rights of the media content. Should it be requested to be removed or be credited, we will formally support. Blogposts, on the other hand, are for educational purposes only reflecting the writers’ academic capacity. We encourage our readers to do their research.


926A Travel and Tours is an online network of independent tour guides, and travel operators in select regions in Asia including the Philippines,  Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan compiled for commercial online posting. Thereby, is only an online entity. However, with the educational services and considering the legal aspects, the owner herewith operates using her actual name as the trade name with 82990 as the PSIC as well as education counselor and or consultant as the line of business.


926A Travel and Tours and its owner does not claim definite approval or grant in all of its visa assistance service nor does the Flight Reservation guarantee such. It will always be under the visa officer, consul and the embassy discretion.


926A Travel and Tours, 926 Asia Immigration and Visa Consultancy and its owner intend no harm nor interest of the alike on the usage of our payment online system. We use a third party account on the transaction. We have no control on totality especially thereof Paypal.


926A Travel and Tours and its owner highly observes ethical standards on advertising; both on online and offline format. Whilst such promotion is geared towards sales, clarity on the details will always be provided authentically upon query.


926A Travel and Tours and its owner offers third party service only and is not a direct operator. Hence, we acknowledge all hotel, tour and airline operators’ policies. Thus, we have no control over its guidelines unless mutually agreed. All refunds are under these service providers. Clients respects this notion upon acquiring our travel packages.


926A Travel and Tours and its owner highly opposes any illegal act against Philippine and international laws. Foremost, please be advised that in all of our platforms, and in our actual service, we only use the word ‘dummy ticket’ to market but what we provide is an actual reserved ticket from a source provider. Thereby is not fake and is even verifiable in the airlines’ website. The use of flight reservation, flight itinerary or dummy tickets (in this sense) for the intention of deceive, falsification of documents, overstaying, and illegal working (and the alike) will not be patronized and advocated. 926 Travel and Tours and its owner is not responsible for any clients’ illegal use of flight reservation, flight itinerary, or dummy ticket nor does the entity themselves claim of such. Additionally, 926A and its owner is considered as a third party agent – service provider. Hence, not the booking system owner.


Our equivalent under this service is 926 Asia in social media platforms, however, single operation in legal entity. Please refer to the entity section for clarity. We are affiliated with Global Study Partners for our Canada and Australian educational institutions, EdUSA Philippines – for our study programs in the US and Synergy University for our Russia educational programs.


926A Travel and Tours and its owner is not responsible for any dilemma caused in the usage of our website. 926A Travel and Tours and its owner has no control over the data you will provide to our website and has no control over the platform you use to input such data.

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