Reasons To Visit Bali

  • Religious Traditions – With diverse beliefs in Bali, no wonder it is exudes unique culture. Think about Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Shivaism all in one destination. That’s not all. There are other beliefs evident not in the city but in its tribes and villages. This resembles how rich the island is!
  • Landscape – Google images about Nusa Penida, and Ubud and we’ll let you decide if it’s worth to explore! These are only a few of which shows the landscapes of the beautiful Bali.  
  • Culture & Arts – The arts—especially painting, wood carving, dance, traditional music and puppetry—are very much alive in Indonesia.
  • Food – Besides going organic with fruits, there are food hubs in Ubud and Seminyak. A must visit are Sisterfields Cafe and Warung Babi.
  • Beach – Talk about Kuta Beach and Nusa Dua Beach where you can experience the wonders of the oceanfront with an impressive golden sand.  Perfect for a family and couple’s getaway. Oh, and did we mention that it can be for surfing and just swimming? Take your pick.
  • Waterfalls – Check that ultimate bucket list as you slip and slide to many waterfalls in Indonesia. You may head over to (1) The Village Falls at Tegenungan in Ubud for its beautiful lush greenery around and have that awesome and refreshing bath or to (2) Jembong Waterfall in Sukada to sense a relief on this spiritual spot. These are only a few of the gems of Bali.
  • Wildlife – The chance to see mammals, birds and fish in their natural environment in a more ethical and lovely surrounding, is just fulfilling! We recommend a stop by at Ulutawu Temple where hundreds of monkeys are as cheeky as you can think of!

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